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Back in the mid to late1990's
Brad and Nikki are getting married at the Newman Ranch.
Brad and Nikki are in the Newman Ranch getting married. Brad (or Nikki) is literally just about to say I do when the phone rings. It was an awkward moment as someone decides to pick up the phone to find out and then announces to all attending the wedding that Victor has been shot. Brad (or Nikki) never had the chance to say I do and never married.
2006 Neil learns the truth Drucilla Winters had been carrying the deep dark secret concerning her daughter Lily's paternity. Neil, Dru's husband, always thought he was the proud papa, it was his brother Malcolm who was the teen's biological father. One day during an argument between the Winters', Lily confirmed the truth and rocked her family to the core.
August 2006 John Abbott Dies After spending several months behind bars for the murder of Terrible Tom Fisher, John Abbott slipped into a coma. John signed a do not resuscitate form and his life was placed in the hands of his wife Gloria. After debating with Jack over the matter, Gloria decided to honor John's wishes and he was taken off life support. John died, but his ghost would soon haunt his son over his misdeeds.

Kevin Fisher Kevin has been in Genoa City for many years. Using the Internet he meets up with Lily Winters.

Lily eventually meets and begins dating Kevin, despite the fact that he is much older. Kevin seduces Lily, even though she is under the age of consent. When her parents find out they try to prosecute the rapist. Although it would be hard to prove in court, Kevin also infected Lily with chlamydia ,a venereal disease. Lily's best friend, Colleen Carlton, knew from the beginning that Kevin was bad news.

Months into Kevin and Lily's relationship he comes face to face with Michael Baldwin and it is revealed that they are half-brothers!

Later it is explained that Kevin's problems may have been caused by the abuse his father,Tom Fisher, inflicted on Kevin when Kevin was young.

Michael feels very guilty for having left the family home... leaving Kevin with the evil Tom.

Later, Kevin's obsession with Lily turns into a deviant fascination with Colleen. In Kevin's mind, he and Lily would be happily together if it wasn't for Colleen's meddling.

Eventually Kevin tries to kill Colleen by locking her in the cooler of Gina's restaurant (before she began running the GCAC restaurant) and intends to burn the restaurant to the ground. Colleen is rescued and hates Kevin for a long time afterward.

In fact, it isn't until Jana traps Colleen and Kevin in another freezer (intending to kill them/frame Kevin) that Colleen's hatred of Kevin begins to thaw.
December 2005 Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin get married. In a beautiful ceremony Lauren and Michael got married. All of the residents of Genoa City watched as the two exchanged their written vows, and got married. Among the guests were the Bold and the Beautiful''s Eric Forrester, Lauren's mother Joanna, and Jennifer Mitchell (aka Sheila Carter, but she left before the vows were said). The wedding was perfect except for a strange power shortage, John Abbot had a gun, and the threat of Tom Fisher was in the air. Kevin gave a toast to his brother and new sister-in-law, and his mother Gloria posed for nearly every picture at the ceremony. As the couple left, the party wore on, and Phyllis and Nick started their affair.
2005-August 5 Sheila Carter returns. After Lauren leaves from her visit with son Scotty in Toronto, Canada, Sheila Carter emerges from the other room. She has just over heard the news that Lauren will be marrying Michael Baldwin. This begins a storyline that would last for five months, Sheila would terrorize Lauren's life while getting closer to the child she once lost. Sheila teamed up with Tom Fisher and attempted to kill Lauren, but in the end she saved Lauren's life from the falling roof of the bomb shelter Tom trapped them both in. Evil has a name, Sheila.

I believe Brad Eliot fell in love with Leslie Stuart. There was also some competition between Leslie and her sister Lori. I believe Leslie ended up in a mental hospital. I wonder how they wrote those girls out.

Brad Eliot, hitch hiking and amnesiac, decides that Genoa City feels like home. He meets Stuart Brooks at Pierre's restaurant.

The first episode allows viewers to meet the citizens of Genoa City, WI through the eyes of Brad Eliot.


Brittany's electrocution
Some enemies of Bobby Marsino's tried to get back at him and electrified the pole in Bobby's club "Marsino's" Brittany was hurt hand badly burned during her stripping routine. She became reclusive because of the burns, and ended up with a scar, but ultimately ended up with Bobby.

Apparently, Britney & Bobby have gone into witness protection. I dont think J.T. ever really got over her.

Katherine Chancellor's face lift
Katherine undergoes a face lift in an effort to keep Phillip from leaving her for Jill.


Victor marries Nikki.

In a lavish ceremony that brings back many former residents of Genoa City, supercouple Victor and Nikki wed.

(Wasn't their a poisoned glass of champagne that Dunkin drank instead of Niki at this wedding?)


Katherine Chancellor and Jeanne Cooper have a face lift.

Real life celebrity surgeon (and Mr. Victoria Principal) operates on Jeanne Cooper. Real life scenes are used as Kay also undergoes the knife. (Her face is lifted in time for Nikki and Victor's wedding!)

Snapper Foster

David Hasselhoff wasn't the original Snapper Foster, Jill's "brother". However, he did gain fame in the role.

August 16, 1989

Y&R debuts in France.

The first episode aired was #3263.

The '70s

Jill saves Stuart Brooks life

Jill was Mrs Chancellor's Hair Dresser

Jill saves Stuarts life after he chokes on a piece of chicken, Snapper instructs Jill via telephone, how to perform an emergency tracheotomy.
Jill was Kay Chancellor's hair dresser. That was how she wormed her way into the Chancellor estate and seduced Mrs Chancellor's hubby. She had no idea at that time she was Mrs C's daughter. Jill was a gold digger back then and it paid off for her.


Christine Blair aka Cricket is date raped

Cricket is date raped by a guy who has the nerve to serve himself dinner after the attack. This incident inspires her to become a lawyer. His name was Derek.

(Wasn't Derek trying to run away & got plastic surgery, but the plastic surgeon just wrote "Murder" on his forehead? If so who did he murder?)

Cricket was raped years before Michael Baldwin appeared in Genoa City.

Years after her rape Christine/Cricket suffered from sexual harrassment on her job as a lawyer. Michael was the person who harrassed Cricket.

After Michael was released from prison they were able to make peace.

Michael and Cricket fell in love and got engaged. Cricket found out that Michael was responsible for Paul having an affair with Isabella, played by Eva Longoria. Once Christine found out about Isabella's and Michael's machinations she couldn't forgive him.

Isabella went crazy, in a Shelia sort of way, and tried to kill Christine in the bath tub. What ever happened to her kid w/ Paul?

Before Victor, Nikki Reed was married to Greg Foster, then Kevin Bancroft.
2008 Sabrina tells Victoria off. She tells her that she is an ingrate and a spoiled brat. Sabrina had an affair with Victoria's father. I'm thinking who in their right mind would send their (beautiful young limber) friend to stay with their (newly divorced known for seducing with beautiful young women) father. So Sabrina is staying with Victor and they fall in love. They conceived a child and marry. Sabrina wants to tell Victoria and Victor thinks that is a bad idea. Victoria finds out. She is furious.
Months of hateful talk and disinviting Sabrina to Reed's christening take its toll on Sabrina. It was the last straw when she told Sabrina what Sabrina had planned for Victor to leave him, take his money, and run off with Phillipe (her ex-boyfriend that cheated on her)

Pierre was married to Sally and was shot in his restaurant during a robbery.

Heather Thom, who played Victoria, is now on B & B as Brooke's sister, Katie and Ashley Abbott is also a regular on B & B as well.
Late 1990's Cassie grew up noah her little brother was born...
2005 cassie had never driven before but tried to drive Daniel Romalotti home because he was drunk and passed out in the back seat of the car. she had a big crush on daniel. After they crashed she was in the hospital for a while. She died in the hospital after an infection took over

Nick was convinced that Daniel was driving the car. This lead to Danny running away with Lilly with (mortal enemies at the time) Phyliss & Nick giving chase. This lead to Daniel standing trial for Cassies death. Daniel was on the brink of conviction when Nick came forward with Cassies clothes (which he had buried in the ground) This ultimatley helped Daniel get acquited of all charges.
Strangely Nick & Sharon grew farther apart which led to the marriage that is now Nick & Phyliss.
late 80's Sharon's best friend, Grace Turner and Grace's friend Tony found Cassie.

Are you reffering to Grace Turner?

Jeanne Cooper falls in love w/ Danny's dad, who was formerly a homeless man. I can't remember who cleaned him up and sent him in after Jeanne, surely Jill or Jack, maybe Victor.

Also at some point her maid was kidnapped and held in a cabin.
early 90's Sharon and Nick got custody of Cassie and later on Nick adopted her

Sharon is attacked by a boy from school (he went on to be Superman in Lois and Clark) and Nick goes to jail for beating the creep up (or did he kill him ?).

Sharon and Nick get married despite Niki and Victor. We find out Sharon's mom is in a wheel chair.

Nick and Sharon buy the Coffee House which is where they first met and fell in love.

Victoria meanwhile is falling in love w/ Ryan who is torn between Nina and Victoria (who remembers them on the swing and Ryan would push the swing set up and it would either be Victoria or Nina on the swing as he contemplated who he wanted to be with.)

How about Nina and the gal from B&B Sally Spectra She played a women who took in Pregnate young girls. However she sold the babies black market, That's when Cricket and Nina first became friends. Both after Phillip. Nina just kind of disapeared after the death of her ex the guy who was stalked and killed before him and Victoria could get married can't remember his name.

Nina was to marry Ryan, who had been stalked and killed by an obssesive and crazed girl named Trisha who had also backed out of a driveway and killed Tony. (Trisha's sister is same actress who now plays Bridget on B&B. I can't remember her name.)

Chris' mother and John Abbott fall in love and marry. She dies a short time later of AIDs.

Remember when Cricket and Rebecca had the photo shoot at J'abot --- Send in the Clowns played sadly in background as Rebecca withered before our eyes?
mid 1990's Remember when Jill's son, Billy found out that he had married his first cousin, Mackenzie???

Billy and Mac were about to make love... Jill got there just in time. (Just as she and brother Brock had been married to one another but never consumated the union).

Well for me the larger point of this is Katherine is Jill's MOM! The two cougars are two peas in a pod for all of their long term hate and hostility. But the whole mother/daughter thing still throws me for a loop.
mid/ late 1980's wasn't at some point, Brad held hostage in a big cage by some crazy woman?? I remember that, but I don't remember who did it and why!!!

I don't remember all of the specifics, but I believe that Brad's first wife (Lisa ?) who had long curly hair, and was crazy, was keeping Brad in a cage-- I think the cage was inside of a house in a skiing resort. If I remember correctly, Paul and Lauren were on a ski vacation and found/rescued Brad.

Danny Romalotti
, Lauren and Tracy all did a rock concert together. Very 80's style.

I want to say that Cricket was starting to date Phillip, then fell in love w/ Danny. Cricket starts up a modeling career at Jabot.

Cricket and Danny teach Nina how to be a proper young lady. A true "Pretty Woman" moment, way before the movie came out. Nina was trying to hook up with Phillip (Jill's son) and Cricket and Danny were trying to help her out. One of the final shots was Nina trying to eat her pizza w/ a fork and Cricket allowing her to pick it up.

She later caught Phillip and he later died while drinking and driving. They did have a son together. I don't recall what happened to Nina or where their son is now. They kinda feel off the map after Ryan died.

Brad the pool boy whooed Tracey.

Paul has an assistant who used a cane (what was her name, Lynn?) and she is madly in love w/ Paul but he doesn't see it. I remember a bike ride and a ski trip that she kept hoping would lead to more.

Jill and John get married, at one point in the whooing they go skiing in Grand Junction, Colorado, which was funny cause their isn't a ski resort in Grand Junction.

mid 1990's i remember when Dru started as a homeless illiterate and ended up falling in love with her sister's husband....what was his name?? and by the way, where is Olivia's son???

Dru fell in love with Nathan. He had taken her in and was teaching her to read, etc. I don't think he was yet married to Olivia when he first met Dru. However, Dru didn't want anyone to know that she was Olivia's sister.

When last mentioned, little Nathan was in England (I think) at boarding school. Maybe he met up with Kate Valentine and moved to Henderson.
??? Not sure of the year. Michael Baldwin (now good guy) rapes Christine.
And then years later - the two actually become friends......
1990's One of my moments was when Dru got caught up with a sleezy photographer. Cricket dressed as Marilyn Monroe w/ Nina. Paul and Nathan showed up later as the males in what I believe was going to be a porn shoot. The plot was foiled and no porn was made.
1990's Another memory is when Sharon went out of town and slept with the guy she met in a bar. The guy turned out be crazy. He came to town and ended up working with Nick. He started blackmailing her. She ended up killing him. She thought his body was safe, frozen in the snow. When the snow started to thaw, she moved him to her trunk. Larry Wharton was involved in disposing of this man. I can't remember his name though

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The most memorable episode was when either Jill or Katherine put live tarantulas in the other's bed...I can't remember the details...can anyone clarify what went on here? I was very young when this episode aired.
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