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Welcome to the Y&R Wiki Walk of Fame!
On this page we honor the brightest and best contributors from our community.

silvercat62 You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#29: silvercat62
Inducted: November 17, 2008

Mini-bio: Silvercat62 joined the wiki on December 29, 2007 and has made over 260 contributions to the wiki—including a very impressive picture slideshow on her profile page! She is a mother of three and grandmother of 5, who resides in Illinois. She enjoys horseback riding, movies, long drives to nowhere and debating. She has worked as a groomer for the last 18 years. Silvercat62 loves her alone time and also says she is very real and has a habit of telling it like it really is!


sweetback44 You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#28: sweetback44
Inducted: November 3, 2008

Mini-bio: sweetback44 is the first male to be featured on the homepage! His guilty pleasures include Y&R, CSI and scuba diving. He says his next Wiki will be about whatever the next bad storyline is! Sweetback loves to tell it like it is and his frequent posts keep us thinking and laughing. Kevin joined the Wiki on October 15, 2007.


a32yrfan You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#27: a32yrfan
Inducted: October 20, 2008

Mini-bio: a32yrfan has watched Y&R since day one and joined the wiki on December 26, 2007. She loves many of the longtime characters and gets really annoyed by too many recasts! a32yrfan loves sharing her thoughts and opinions with her many friends on the wiki and enjoys getting to know all of us and seeing what we think. She is from Nebraska and shares two amazing teen daughters with her husband of over 30 years, Dusty. During the summer months she tours the fair/concert circuit in Nebraska with her own business, "The Potato Hut".

You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#26: lily66
Inducted: October 6, 2008
Mini-bio: lily66 is a divorced mother of three young ladies (16, 18 and 23). Once her youngest is in college, she hopes to finish her own college degree, as she has only 4 classes to go. Lily has been working for the same company for 21 years. She is very involved in her church and also enjoys reading, movies and cleaning. She has been watching Y&R for many years. lily66 joined the wiki on November 21, 2007.
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#25: SayWhat?
Inducted: September 22, 2008
Mini-bio: SayWhat? joined the wiki on June 20, 2008 and hasn't stopped posting since! This is a lady with attitude - her Maxine avitar says it all - "Don't believe everything you think!" SW?'s wit, insight and comments keep us all on our toes. She has been watching Y&R for many years. Her favourite character is Phyllis and she says she could stare at Nick all day! She is a nurse in Arizona and has a beautiful little girl that is her and her husband's joy.
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#24: patty1953
Inducted: September 8, 2008
Mini-bio: Patty1953 joined the wiki on February 12, 2008. Her guilty pleasures include The Y&R, Project Runway, and playing with her doggies. She describes herself as passionate and says she overuses the phrase "Lord, have mercy!" Patty claims she watches too much TV, and that she probably eats too much. She also hates any cruelty to animals and children. Her dream job would be head writer for Y&R and being in charge of who gets hired/fired!! If you've read her posts, you know she has some great ideas and character analysis!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#23: intrigue
Inducted: August 25, 2008
Mini-bio: intrigue is yet another Canuck to be featured on the home page! She joined the wiki on March 29, 2008 and has been making us think and laugh ever since with her creative threads and insightful opinions. Laurie is a divorced mom with two sons and a daughter-in-law. She has worked as a substitute teacher, hotel maid, tutor, historical tour guide, and a number of other jobs. Laurie's interests include writing, jogging, cooking, time with family/friends, music, theatre, and a weakness for the fine men of Genoa City!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#22: fabulouslady
Inducted: August 11, 2008
Mini-bio: fabulouslady joined our community on Januray 28, 2008. She says she is pretty laid back, but her superpower is talking. She enjoys eating candy at night while watching TV. Fab's heroes include Martin Luther King, Patty LaBelle and Denzel Washington. Her hubby is a truck driver and she likes to travel with him. She enjoys the casinos (loves the slots), movies and cooking. She is also a Mother and Grandmother. Before she dies she would love to take a plane ride, go to the Bahamas and marry Denzel Washington. Welcome to the Wiki Walk of Fame fabulouslady!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#21: jackfan
Inducted: July 28, 2008
Mini-bio: Jackfan joined our community on November 23, 2007. She is a loyal fan of The Young And The Restless and loves to use the Y&R wiki to voice her opinions on the show. Jackfan is a huge Jack Abbott fan (hence the name!) and has great insight into his life. She also loves Nick and Neil. She has been on other Y&R discussion boards, but finds our wiki to be a very community-minded place where everyone's opinion is of equal value -- even if we don't always agree! We look forward to more of her musings on the show! Welcome to the Y&R Wiki Walk of Fame, jackfan!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#20: Shostoppa
Inducted: July 14, 2008
Mini-bio: Shostoppa is a housewife currently living in her home town of Macon, MS. She says that she is quite shy, but the best word to describe her is "real" and that the phrase she uses the most is; "Wat da world?!" Shostoppa says she loves people -- not just her family, but everyone! She also says that her guilty pleasure is ice cream! Shostoppa joined the wiki on January 18, 2008 and has made over 760 posts! We enjoy her humour and insightful comments!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#19: martinas8
Inducted: July 3, 2008
Mini-bio: Martinas8 joined the wiki on October 12, 2007. She wasn't too happy with some of the storylines that the writers had created and wanted to be able to voice her opinions about her favorite soap. Martinas has been watching Y&R for almost 30 years! She is a "Shick" and "Lane" fan so if these couples aren't happy, neither is she! Martinas8 is the first to take on a storyline that fires her up. (Check out her thread on Lily being pregnant!) We love her loyalty and look forward to more posts!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#18: mrbessey
Inducted: June 24, 2008
Mini-bio: Mrbessey is originally from Norwich, NY, but has been living in Oregon since 1979. Her greatest loves are her three grandkids -- they make her a very happy lady! Her superpower is cooking and her guilty pleasure is food! She enjoys games, puzzles, painting, crafts and restoring/creating new items out of broken furniture or recycled items to make something new and useful. She loves watching her soaps and joined the wiki on December 4, 2007!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#17: CaramelCapri
Inducted: June 17, 2008
Mini-bio:The lady with the delicious-sounding name is yet another Canadian to make the homepage. She joined the wiki on April 13, 2008 to share her love of Y&R. CaramelCapri loves reading, writing, computers, human rights, politics and will debate and discuss almost any topic! She has two beautiful children and a third on the way. If she could live anywhere, it would be Vancouver, BC, Canada and her dream job would be as a humanitarian.
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#16: oldY&Rfan57
Inducted: June 10, 2008
Mini-bio: oldY&Rfan57 has been watching Y&R since Mrs. Chancellor drove Phillip over the cliff. Even if she was working she managed to keep up on the plots through friends, magazines, VCRs and now the Internet. She is originally from West Virginia and has lived in New Orleans. She and her hubby of 30 years now live in WV and winter in the South. She has three children, six grandkids, and extended family all over the United States and Canada. She joined the wiki December 21, 2007.
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#15: pat888
Inducted: June 4, 2008
Mini-bio: Pat888 hails from Brooklyn, NY, and has two children and five grandkids. She and her husband of 34 years are moving south this August. Pat has watched Y&R on and off since 1978, and joined the wiki on October 15, 2007. She loves to see the humor in situations and says, "I look better when I have my Folgers coffee in the morning. The picture you see is the picture of me without my Folgers." We should all look that good in the morning!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#14: artist4406
Inducted: May 27, 2008
Mini-bio: artist4406 is our third Canuck to be honored. She is a talented artist living in Montreal, Quebec. She has three adult children and five grandchildren. She joined the wiki on Feb. 18, 2008 and loves being able to share her thoughts, insight, and humor with such a positive community. She describes herself as creative and also says her weakness is chocolate!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#13: leilamh
Inducted: May 21, 2008
Mini-bio: leilamh is originally from New York and has been living in Los Angeles since 1995. She has had the privilege of meeting many of our favorite GC residents while living in LA (check out the list on her profile!). She has been watching Y&R since 1982 and joined our wiki on Oct. 15, 2007. Leilamh has started some great threads including "Hilariously Bad Lines."
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#12: Suwie
Inducted: May 14, 2008
Mini-bio: Suwie is in her 20s and has been watching Y&R since her teens. She hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica! She joined our group on January 17, 2008 and has been a very frequent poster ever since (almost 1,200 posts!). She has made many friends here and loves to read the threads and share her thoughts and opinions with us.
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#11: alliecol
Inducted: May 5, 2008
Mini-bio: alliecol joined the wiki on Sept. 17, 2007 and enjoys being able to share her love of Y&R with her many friends here and find out what others are thinking about the storylines. She tapes the show every day and watches it after work or on the weekend. She is married with one teenage son and lives in the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago.
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#10: bjandk
Inducted: April 28, 2008
Mini-bio: bjandk has been married for over 40 years and has three children and three grandchildren. She has three dogs and is a passionate animal lover who has even done a little wild animal rescue over the years. She wandered into our community on Sept. 19, 2007 and loves to discuss Y&R with all of us. We love her too and we've decided to keep her!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#9: divadp
Inducted: April 20, 2008
Mini-bio: divadp is our second Canuck to be featured on the homepage. She joined the wiki on Sept. 23, 2007. divadp is a payroll analyst, living in Toronto, Ontario with her husband of 17+ years and son. She is a positive, caring, outgoing person who loves to laugh. She enjoys coming here to talk about her favorite soap. She also has a passion for strawberry cheesecake!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#8: judann
Inducted: April 8, 2008
Mini-bio: judann joined the wiki on Oct. 2, 2007. She is a huge fan of Y&R.....wouldn't miss it for anything. She loves being able to come here to share her thoughts and insights on the latest happenings in Genoa City. She gets nervous when it looks like any of her favorite characters may be leaving -- even for a little while! She has a great sense of humor and always has interesting posts!

You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#7: muppetgirl
Inducted: March 25, 2008
Mini-bio: muppet is a writer (for money and her own sanity), living in San Francisco. She joined the wiki Jan. 22, 2008 and thinks of her Y&R characters as part of her dysfunctional family. She is our resident fashion guru and loves to share her thoughts on what the people of Genoa City are wearing. (Check out; Y&R Fashion and Beauty -- it's a love/hate thing).
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#6: dnsyl57
Inducted: March 17, 2008
Mini-bio: dn joined the wiki on Oct. 30, 2007 and was our first Canuck to be featured. She was born on the Canadian prairies and has lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba since 1984. She has been watching Y&R since 1987 and rarely misses an episode. dn is legally blind but that doesn't stop her from being a frequent poster. She loves music and enjoys cooking and baking.

You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#5: kimmy81579
Inducted: March 12, 2008
Mini-bio: kimmy is a very busy lady with five young children, two dogs and two cockatiels, but still makes time to watch her favorite show. She started watching with her mom when she was a child and now her oldest daughter also watches! Kimmy joined the site on Oct. 31, 2007 and has done a lot of work on the episode guides and created some great threads!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#4: FIESTYCATS
Inducted: March 2, 2008
Mini-bio: Feisty is a mother and grandmother who has been a member of the wiki since Sep. 27, 2007 and says she has been a Y&R viewer forever! She thinks this is a nice place to talk about our show and the actors. Her posts have great insights and a quick wit. She has a great collection of photos on her profile -- including some of her favorite guy -- Larry Warton! Just don't ask her to share Larry!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#3: sjenn2001
February 19, 2008
Mini-bio: sjenn has been watching Y&R since about 1978 and is very passionate in her love and support for the characters she loves, such as Victor! She usually tapes the shows so she can fast forward through commercials or what she considers a boring storyline! Her posts are insightful, funny, and always from the heart. sjenn joined the wiki on October 10, 2007.

You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#2:KityKatinlv
Inducted: February 4, 2008

Mini-bio: Miss Kity joined the site on Sep. 25, 2007 and has been a fan of the show from day 1! If you are ever in doubt as to a part of Y&R history, just ask Kity! She even managed to get her hubby hooked on the show! Every Saturday night they order pizza and watch the week's episodes on SoapNet. Kity lives in Las Vegas and has a strong love for animals. Check out her fabulous Y&R photo gallery on her profile page!
You're a Y&R Wiki Star!#1: firebarb
January 30, 2008
Mini-bio: Firebarb joined our community on Oct. 25, 2007 and has the distinction of being our first honoree to be featured on the homepage. She was also the first to have her own thread called "Firebarb, where are you?" (Jan. 13, 2008). She hadn't posted for a few days and we missed her -- turns out she was on holiday! Barb is from Colorado, has been married for 35 years, has three kids and three grandkids.

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oldY&Rfan57 Hey MUPPETTGIRL!! WE WANT YOU BACK< MISS YOU < LOVE YOU> 3 Dec 30 2008, 6:17 PM EST by patty1953
Thread started: Dec 29 2008, 11:24 AM EST  Watch
ALLrightey then, Muppettgirl, We can't begin to know what you are going through, losing your Mother, JUST KNOW YOU HAVE OODLES of FRIENDS out here in WIKI-LAND, wanting to give you GRAET BIG WIKI HUG. Please come back & share with us. We all want to help you heal and move forward. as many of us have done. Not to minimize your pain, but time is short, and we do not know how much borrowed time we have. I know for SURE, You have VOLUMES OF LOVE HERE JUST WAITING for you to take it.
Lots & LOTS of Love, OldY&Rfan57 XOXOXOXOXO Happy New YEAR
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dnsyl57 Wiki Walk Of Fame 4 Jun 12 2008, 6:20 PM EDT by justmyopinion
Thread started: Jun 12 2008, 6:59 AM EDT  Watch
As some of you may have noticed, there is a new page on the wiki called "The Wiki Walk of Fame"

The idea for this page came about after I started a thread for leilamh when she was featured on the homepage a few weeks ago. Barb commented, that a "Wiki Walk Of Fame" sounded like a great idea. I sent her a message asking if such a page could be done and she replied yes - and that I should go ahead and do it! Well, I knew that I didn't have the sight or PC skills to do such a page, so I asked leilamh, barb and our amazing administrator, Patty to help pull it together. This was a true collaborative effort.

Patty designed the star logo and set up the page layout. She also uploaded everything after all of the design and content was agreed upon. Over the last week or so, we have asked Patty to make some layout changes to the page, so that the newest honourees will be at the top rather than the bpttom. We are all pleased with how the page has turned out and we hope that you like it as well!

We look forward to adding new honourees to "The Wiki Walk OF Fame" as they are featured on the homepage.

You can find the new page at

Thank you Patty, firebarb and leilamh for helping me make this page a reality! You ladies rock!!!
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