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Played by: Sean Patrick Flannery | Photo Gallery

Sean Patrick Flannery as Sam GibsonActor History: Sean Patrick Flannery (2011)

Occupation: Veterinarian

Resides at: New Mexico

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Unknown wife (divorced)

Unknown wife
Sharon Newman



Sharon Newman
Piper Welch
Beverly Welch
Lee Welch
Victoria Newman


Young and the Restless character biography:

When Sharon Newman escaped from prison, she went on the run and headed towards New Mexico. When she stopped on the side of the road to rest, two muggers robbed her. They took her jewelry and her car. The lady mugger drove off in Sharon's car, while her husband, the male mugger, went off in his car.

The mugger driving Sharon's car slid off the road and crashed. The car caught on fire and her body was burned beyond recognition. In the car, police found the drivers license for Sharon, and assumed that it was her inside of the car. Adam Newman, Sharon's boyfriend, identified the body when he saw his mothers ring on the burnt body. He had given it to Sharon as a marriage proposal.

Meanwhile, Sharon learned from TV reports that she was thought to be dead and went with the story. She decided it would be easier than going back home and facing more charges than she already was. She walked until she found a barn. She entered and laid down for a nap. She awoke to surprise when the barn owner, Sam, was standing there talking to her. Sharon was nervous at first, but Sam calmed her down and agreed to let her stay in his barn until she was ready to move on. She told him her name was Sheri Coleman.

While living in the barn, Sharon met a young girl named Piper. Piper was Sam's neighbor who often visited him because he was a veterinarian and she loved animals. Sam and Sharon grew closer. Sam liked Sharon, but she was afraid of hurting him like she had done with other men from her past. One day Sam overheard Sharon telling Piper that she was not interested in him, and that they were only friends. Sam was hurt. Sam continued to pursue Sharon, and even asked her out on a date. Sharon finally agreed, but was stood up. When Sam finally showed up, he was drunk and falling over himself. Sharon was at first outraged and planned on leaving town. Sam finally sobered up and revealed to her that his dog had just had a stroke and died. He also revealed to her that he had been married before and that his wife had walked out on him. Sharon was sorry and comforted him. The moment led to them making love for the first time.

Sharon felt that she needed to be honest with Sam and decided to write him a letter explaining her past, but ripped it up and threw it away after writing it. Sharon and Sam began dating, and Sam asked her to move into the house with him.

One day, while at a local dance, the male mugger is there and recognizes Sharon. Before he is carried off to jail for mugging other people, he tells them about the night he mugged Sharon and took her car. It only took moments before Sam's friend, Marco, realized that Sheri Coleman was actually Sharon Newman. He arrested her and she was deported back to Genoa City, Wisconsin. Sam followed.

Victor Newman set it up so that Sam could move into Victoria's guest house. Sam moved in and helped Victoria around the house and even helped support her while her husband, Billy Abbott, was away. But Sam remained faithful to Sharon.

When he learned that Adam Newman had the evidence to clear her name, but destroyed it, Sam confronted Adam and they got into a physical fight. Sam continued to visit Sharon constantly and support her while in jail.

Later, Sam learned that the guy watching his farm and animals back in New Mexico could no longer run it. He had to return against his will. Sam left Genoa City promising both Victoria and Sharon that he would be back.

Once Sharon was finally set free from prison, she convinced Nick to let her take Faith on a trip to bond. Sharon and Faith went to visit Sam at his farm. She returned back home later, but kept in touch with Sam.

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