Ronan Malloy

Ronan Malloy 1995059
Played by: Jeff Branson

Actor History: Jeff Branson (2010-2012)

Other Names: Aiden Lansing (birth name)

Occupation: Police Detective

Resides at: Unknown

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:

Chloe Mitchell
Heather Stevens
Phyllis Newman

Children: None

Jimmy Lansing (father; deceased)
Nina Webster (mother)
Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV (half-brother)
Florence Webster (grandmother)

Chloe Mitchell
Nina Webster
Chance Chancellor
Christine Blair
Paul Williams
Heather Stevens

Owen Pomerantz
Sid Meeks

Character History:

Ronan Malloy is a police detective who first entered Genoa City as the new partner for Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV. Little did everyone know that, Ronan had a secret that would change the lives of many citizens in Genoa City, forever.

Ronan and Chance were working on a drug bust that involved several members of the police force who were dirty cops. Chance’s mother, Nina Webster, had been looking for her first born son who had been stolen from her at birth. Nina hired her longtime friend and on again/off again boyfriend, Paul Williams, to find him. What Paul discovered stunned Nina and everyone in Genoa City. Nina’s long lost son was none other that Ronan Malloy! Ronan knew that Nina was his mother and resented her for not searching for him when he was younger. He was brought into town by Nina’s best friend, Christine Blair. Nina was furious with Ronan and Christine for keeping this secret. However she would be shocked and devastated when she witnessed Ronan gun down Chance during a drug bust. Nina held Chance in her arms as he “died”.

It looked as if Ronan was a dirty cop, but Ronan revealed that he was in fact working with the FBI and had set up a plan with Chance to fake his death in order to capture the dirty cops. Nina was relieved that Chance was alive, even though he had to stay away in witness protection. She then tried to begin a relationship with Ronan. Ronan wanted no parts of his mother at first, but started to come around to the idea.

When Ronan was stricken ill with hereditary amyloidosis, he needed a new liver. Ronan did not want to tell Nina at first, but Heather Stevens would tell her anyway. Heather and Nina offered their support. Nina even tried to donate a part of her own liver, but she was not a match. Nina and Heather came up with the plan to bring Chance out of hiding so that he could be tested as a match. Christine returned and had Chance tested. Tests confirmed that Chance and Ronan were a match and Chance was brought back out of witness protection so that he could donate part of his liver to his brother. Hours after the operation, Ronan disappeared without word to anyone. Nina couldn’t understand why he would use them like that and then just leave.

Ronan wouldn’t show up until almost a year later when he was assigned the lead detective in charge of Diane Jenkin’s murder investigation. Ronan was teamed up with Paul, who encouraged him to call his mother. Ronan refused, only to have Nina find him anyway. Nina was devastated that Ronan couldn’t give her a reason for leaving and wanted no part of her.

Months later, Ronan was able to take down Colin Atkinson as part of the drug bust that Chance had been apart of. Chance even returned and revealed that he had been working with Ronan for a while to bring down Colin.

During Ronan’s investigation of Diane Jenkin’s murder, Ronan had a brief affair with Phyllis Newman.

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