Cane Ashby

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Cane Ashby’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Daniel Goddard

Actor: Daniel Goddard (2007-present)

Birth Name: Ethan Atkinson

Occupation: Assistant Director of marketing for Jabot Cosmetics

Resides: Unknown

Spouse: Lily Winters (February 14th, 2012-present)

Previous Marriages:
1. Amber Moore (illegal)
2. Chloe Mitchell (annulled)
3. Lily Winters (divorced)

Amber Moore
Heather Stevens
Lily Winters

1. Charlie Ashby (son with Lily)
2. Matilda Ashby (daughter with Lily)


Colin Atkinson (father)
Genevieve Atkinson (mother)
Caleb Atkinson (brother; deceased)
Samantha Ashby (sister; deceased)

Neil Winters
Devon Hamilton
Mackenzie Browning
Esther Valentine
Jill Foster Abbott
Philip Chancellor III
Katherine Chancellor
Amber Moore
Chloe Mitchell

Colin Atkinson

Character Biography:

The mysterious bartender, Cane Ashby, arrived in Genoa City looking for his birth mother. He met the scheming Amber Moore. Amber quickly zeroed in on Cane and began to research Cane’s past. She found that he may had been a member of the Chancellor family. Amber agreed to “help” him with immigration by marrying him in Las Vegas. Cane got cold feet and backed out, but Amber slipped him a drug, disguised her friend Ali as a man, and had a quick wedding. Cane awoke with a hangover and a wedding ring on his finger. Amber convinced him that they had gotten married and he had too much to drink in celebration.

Once back in town, Cane found out that he was the son of Jill Fenmore. He began to spend time with the Chancellor family. He took a job as manager of the Clear Springs site. But things started to become not so great. The Clear Springs site later exploded. Then Cane found out the truth about he and Amber’s wedding and kicked her to the curb. He began dating Lily Winters and Heather Stevens. But it was Lily who ultimately won his heart. But troubled soon occurred when Chloe Mitchell came into town. Chloe had her eyes set on Cane from the beginning and even managed to convince everyone that she was pregnant with his child after a wild drunken night. It was soon revealed that Chloe was actually Kate Valentine, daughter of Esther Valentine.

When Billy Abbott returned to Genoa City, Cane was excited to bond with his half-brother, but Billy had his own agenda. Billy and Cane began competing for everything from Jabot Cosmetics to Lily. But it was revealed that Billy had a secret relationship with Chloe before she came to town, and that he was the real father to her baby.

Cane continued his relationship with Lily and the two were married. Soon after their wedding, the truth came out that Cane was actually not Jill’s son. Her son, Phillip, was still alive and had sent Cane to town pretending to be him. Phillip returned alive, after 20 years pretending to be dead. He revealed that he had been secretly gay and couldn’t keep up with the expectations of being a Chancellor. He faked his death but sent Cane in his place to pretend to be him so that his family could heal.

Lily forgave Cane for lying, but their relationship continued to face disaster after disaster. Next, Lily was diagnosed with cancer. It led to her having surgery that would cause her to not be able to have children. But before the surgery was performed, the doctors were able to save 2 of Lily’s eggs. Cane and Lily were able to have their children through a surrogate, Mackenzie Browning. She gave birth to twins, Charlie and Matilda Ashby. Lily was also able to finally overcome her cancer.

Next, a stranger named Colin Atkinson came to town with his associate, Blake. Colin began dating Jill, which Cane strongly disapproved. Colin planned to marry Jill. Cane had to stop the wedding before it was too late. But first, he wrote a letter to Lily explaining that his final secret was a big one. He told her that Colin was his biological father, and a mob boss from Australia. He also mentioned a twin brother, Caleb, and a sister, Samantha, who had been killed. Cane left the letter for Lily, but it was misplaced behind a desk. Cane rushed to the chapel to find Blake waiting for him. Cane and Blake battled outside of the church until Lily and the babies appeared. Blake turned the gun towards them and Cane jumped in front of the bullet. Colin was knocked off of the steps and hit his head, thus killing him. Cane also died in Lily’s arms.

Lily tried moving on with her life, but was haunted with visions of Cane. It became so real that she was convinced that she was going crazy. Soon, her visions became more realistic. She began talking and touching Cane’s ghost. What Lily didn’t know was that Cane was actually still alive and working with his mother, Genevieve, in order to get revenge on Colin. Colin was under the impression that Cane was Caleb. But the truth finally came out that Caleb was the one who died on the church steps that night. Neil Winters found Cane’s letter and learned that Colin was Cane’s dad. It all lead to Genevieve going after Colin and almost killing him. Unfortunately, it pushed Lily and Cane further apart, leading to a divorce.

Cane continued to work with the FBI and Australian authorities to set Colin up. Finally, with the help of Jill, Cane was able to help take down Colin once and for all. Lily finally understood why Cane had to keep all of the secrets he had. The two reunited shortly after.

On Valentines day, 2012, Cane and Lily married again in France!

  • Year

    Details of What Happened

    1976 Born on December 23
    2007 Arrived in Genoa City on January 12
    2011 Shot and killed on February 3
    2011 Revealed that he was still alive and that his brother, Caleb, was the who was killed.
    2012 Remarried Lily Winters in France

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