Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV

Donny Boaz As Chance Chancellor 3650341
Played by: John Driscoll | Chance’s Photo Gallery

Actor History: John Driscoll (2009-2010; 2011)
Penn Badgley (2000-2001)
Nicholas Pappone (1996-1999)
Alex D. Linz (1995)
Courtland Mead (1993-1995)
Thomas Dekker (1993)
Scott & Shaun Markley (1991-1993)
Chuckie & Kenny Gravino (1988-1989)
Andrew Clark Rogers (1988)

Nick Name: Chance

Occpation: Unknown

Resides at: Chancellor Estate

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:

Chloe Mitchell
Heather Stevens


Phillip Chancellor III (father)
Nina Webster (mother)
Ronan Malloy (half-brother)
Florence Webster (grandmother)
Jill Fenmore (grandmother)
Phillip Chancellor II (grandfather)
Billy Abbott (uncle)

Katherine Chancellor
Chloe Mitchell
Heather Stevens


Character History:

Phillip “Chance” Chancellor is the son of Nina Webster and Phillip Chancellor III. He grew up thinking that his father had been killed 20 years earlier in a car crash. But much to his surprise, while home from Iraq, he discovered that his father had actually been alive this whole time and had faked his death. Phillip III explained that at the age of 19, he was overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a Chancellor and a parent. He also revealed that he was secretly gay. Chance forgave his father and the two began working on a relationship.

While in Genoa City, Chance joined the police department and served as detective. He also began a relationship with Chloe Mitchell. Chance and Chloe were madly in love and even engaged to be married until he became attracted to Heather Stevens and had an affair. Chloe and Chance broke up and Chance and Heather began dating.

While doing a major drug bust on dirty cops, he discovered that his new partner, Ronan Malloy, was actually his half-brother and Nina’s long-lost son. Because Ronan had kept quiet about his identity, nobody was sure if he was a dirty cop or not. Nina and Heather arrived to the scene of the drug bust just in time to see Ronan shoot Chance down in cold blood, killing him. Nina was devastated to have seen her oldest son kill his younger brother.

Shortly after the funeral, Nina’s friend Christine took Nina and Phillip to an unknown location to reveal that Chance was alive and faked his death. He had been working with Ronan and Christine all along and would be entering the witness protection program until he was able to testify against the dirty cops.

Nina and Ronan tried building a relationship, but Ronan wanted to stay distant and didn’t want to get too close. He was soon diagnosed with Huntington’s disease and needed a liver transplant. With nobody being a DNA match, Christine tracked down Chance and brought him back to Genoa City to have him tested. Chance was a match with Ronan and agreed to give part of his liver to him. But immediately following the operation, Ronan sneaked out of the hospital and disappeared. Nina and Chance were upset that he just left without saying goodbye or even thank you.

Weeks later, Chance was able to testify against the dirty cops in order to bring them down. After breaking up with Heather for good, Chance decided to return to the Army, against Nina’s wishes.

After several months, Ronan returned to town as the FBI agent working on the Diane Jenkins murder trial. It was also revealed that Chance had been secretly working with Ronan to help bring down Colin Atkinson in part of the drug bust. Nina was shocked to learn that Ronan was back and that Chance had been working with him. Chance stuck around a short while to help Ronan with the Diane Jenkins case, but eventually left town again.

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