Adam Newman

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Adam’s Photo Gallery | Played by: Michael Muhney

Actor History: Michael Muhney (2009-present)
Chris Engen (2008-2009)
Hayden Tank (1996-1998)
Spencer Klaas (1995)
Danielle & Sabrina Hepler (1995)
Celest & Cory Williams (1995)

Birth Name: Victor Adam Newman, Jr.

Occupation: Executive at Newman Enterprises

Resides at: Apartment at the GCAC

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Sharon Newman (annulled)
2. Skye Lockhart (divorced; deceased)

Skye Lockhart (deceased)
Heather Stevens
Rafe Torres
Sharon Newman

Children: None

Victor Newman (father)
Hope Adams Wilson (mother; deceased)
Cliff Wilson (adoptive father; deceased)
Nicholas Newman (half-brother)
Victoria Newman (half-sister)
Abby Newman (half-sister)
Noah Newman (nephew)
Summer Newman (niece)
Reed Hellstrom (nephew)
Faith Newman (niece)


Victor Newman
Nicholas Newman
Victoria Newman
Sharon Newman
Jack Abbott
Billy Abbott
Ashley Abbott
Heather Stevens
Rafe Torres
Nikki Newman
Neil Winters
Patty Williams

Character Biography:

Adam Newman was born “Victor Newman Jr.” and was raised in Kansas by his mom, Hope Wilson, with no idea of who his real father was. On her deathbed, Hope finally confessed to Adam that Victor Newman was his father. After Hope’s death, Victor extended an invitation out to Adam to come to Genoa City to work for Newman Enterprises. Adam eventually showed up and even took over the company for a short period of time. But his true colors began to show when he started to deceive people and run his father’s company to the ground. He tricked Ashley Abbott into thinking that she was going crazy, pretended to be homosexual in order to get attorney Rafe Torres to take his suspicions off of him, and faked his death when everybody was after him. Victor has disowned Adam as being his son and part of his family.

When nobody else saw faith in him, Adam met and fell in love with Sharon Newman…the same woman who’s baby he stole in order to cover up one of his crimes. The two were married, but when the truth came out, Sharon was devastated but still forgave him. But when Adam thought that Sharon had been unfaithful to him, he quickly turned his back on her and did everything he could to keep her in prison for the murder of Skye Lockhart.

Often blamed for many of the crimes that happens in Genoa City, Adam still continues to deceive others and do anything necessary to get what he wants.

In 2012, Adam’s worst fear came true when he encountered the psychotic Patty Williams. She threw a chemical in his eyes, making him go completely blind.


Details of What Happened

2008 Mother Passes goes to Genoia City to start new career

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