Maggie Sullivan

Maggie Sullivan 7874551
Maggie Sullivan’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by: Tammy Lauren

Actress History: Tammy Lauren (2006-2008)

Occupation: Unknown

Resides at: Unknown

Spouse: None

Previous Marriages:

Paul Williams



Paul Williams
Heather Stevens

Victor Newman

Young and Restless character history:

Maggie Sullivan first came into Genoa City to investigate the murder of Carmen Mesta, whose body was found behind the club Indigo. Throughout the case, she remained a force to be reckoned with and continued to search for the truth as to who killed Carmen, where she was murdered and why. She also began a relationship with Paul Williams, but it had a rocky start when she tracked him to an abandoned warehouse and found what she believed to be Phyllis Newman imprisoned in a cage, but it was actually the psychotic Sheila Carter, who had undergone plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. Maggie let ‘Phyllis’ out, only to be choked by her and left for dead. Sheila then imprisoned Paul in the cage with Maggie and shot Maggie.

After Sheila was killed, Paul visited Maggie in the hospital and told her that when questioned, she should leave Lauren and Michael out of the story, as they too, like Maggie, had “stumbled into this themselves.” Then, a fellow detective came to ask Maggie about her shooting and Paul was asked to step outside. Maggie never told anyone of Michael, Paul, or Lauren’s involvement and she and Paul resumed dating.

Months later, Paul gave Maggie another shock when he revealed that the new Assistant D.A. in town was his daughter, Heather Stevens. The only thing was Heather did not know Paul was her biological father. This led Maggie to encourage him to tell Heather the truth. Maggie was last seen in Genoa City in February 2008. She and Paul did not break up on camera, and no mention was made of her when Paul began seeing Nikki.


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