Emily Peterson

Played by: Stacy Haiduk | Photo Gallery

Actress History: Stacy Haiduk (2009-2010; 2011)

Occupation: Psychiatrist

Resides at: Minneapolis

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages: None

Jack Abbott

Children: None

Jamie Peterson(brother)

Jack Abbott
Ashley Abbott
Billy Abbott
Chloe Mitchell
Lily Ashby

Patty Williams

Character History:

Dr. Emily Peterson is the psychiatrist who was treating Patty Williams before her deadly return in 2009. With her arrival, it was obvious that Patty had altered her appearance with plastic surgery to look exactly like Emily, so she was able to come to Genoa City under the alias of “Mary Jane Benson.” After Patty’s reign of terror that resulted in Victor Newman wounded and near death from a bullet-damaged heart and Colleen Carlton’s death from drowning while trying to escape from Patty, Emily read a story in a Minnesota newspaper about Patty’s crimes. She came to Genoa City to find out what exactly had happened. After talking with Paul Williams about Patty’s disturbed history while living in Minneapolis, she confronted Victor Newman and Jack Abbott and told them they were both responsible for what ultimately happened to Patty. In November 2009, Emily took a job with the Psychology Department of Genoa City University and planned to stay in town to continue to treat Patty’s psychosis as well as take on new patients.

Emily and Jack soon became romantically involved. On Christmas Eve, Jack treated Emily to ice skating and the two later decorated the Christmas tree at the Abbott mansion while reminiscing about Christmas past. Emily revealed that her parents are deceased, and she has a brother. Emily was going to stop treating Patty due to the lack of progress she was making, but Patty suddenly had a breakthrough, and this encouraged her to continue as Patty’s doctor.

On New Year’s Eve, Jack proposed to Emily, who said yes. They were planning to get married on Valentine’s Day 2010.
While Patty was in her padded cell, Emily arrived checking up on her trying to reach out to her. Emily soon realized that Patty knew about her planned wedding with Jack. Patty angry at this, forced Emily into the wall knocking her to the ground. As Emily woke up a little, Patty forced medicated water into her mouth trying to hurt her. Later, Patty colored Emily’s hair so it matched hers and escaped her cell with her hair covered. Back in the cell, Paul, Patty’s brother, found Emily (believing it to be Patty) unresponsive on her cell bed. Emily was rushed to the hospital. Paul calls Patty (thinking it’s Emily) to come to the hospital. Patty faked her identity and was on the road to marry her longed husband Jack, making Jack think she was Emily.

While Emily was in grave condition and near death and was revealed comatose, Jack instead unwittingly married Patty on Valentine’s Day, thinking that she was Emily. Patty’s other brother Todd, a priest, also unwittingly performed the ceremony. Then on February 26, 2010 Emily woke up from her Coma and tried to convince Paul and her doctor she was Emily not Patty. However, they didn’t believe her.

Jack, Paul, and Heather soon discovered that Patty had been impersonating Emily and they rush to the sanitarium to get her. Patty knowing full well that her lies had been revealed went to the cell and took Emily’s place again. She gave the real Emily a shot that would make her seem to be dead and barely have a pulse, Patty then wheeled her down to the morgue and left a Jane Doe tag on her foot. Jack was with Patty in the cell, and he figured out what Patty did because he could smell the peroxide and see the cat scratch she had. He begged with her to tell him where Emily is and all Patty said was “shes gone” and Jack ran down to the morgue and found her body about to be cut open for an autopsy, Jack was crying and thought she was dead until he saw a tear run down her cheek. Emily just barely got the word “adrenaline” out, and the doctor goes to get some and gives it to her just in time. She then wakes up and they go to Patty’s cell where Patty is about to commit suicide and Emily talks her out of it. Jack then took Emily to the hospital.

On August 6, Emily and Jack share a tearful farewell as Emily says that she will be moving away from Genoa City, most likely back to Minneapolis, where she lived and worked before her arrival.

Emily was seen again in November of 2011 when she appeared as Tucker McCall’s new psychiatrist.

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