Kyle Abbott

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Played by: Blake Hood | Photo Gallery

Actor History: Blake Hood (2012-present)
Garrett Ryan (2010-2012)
Seth Sturm (2004)
Cooper & Oliver Guynes (2002-2003)
Marissa & Madison Poer (2002)
Connor & Garret Sullivan (2001-2002)

Occupation: Unemployed

Resides at: Genoa City

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:



Jack Abbott (father)
Diane Jenkins (mother; deceased)
Keemo Abbott (half-brother)
John Abbott III (half-brother; deceased)
John Abbott (grandfather; deceased)
Dina Mergeron (grandmother)
Kyle Jenkins (grandfather; deceased)
Ashley Abbott (aunt)
Traci Abbott Connolly (aunt)
Billy Abbott (uncle)
Victoria Newman (aunt)
Colleen Carlton (cousin; deceased)
Abby Newman (cousin)
Robert Carlton (cousin; deceased)
Cordilia Abbott (cousin)

Summer Newman
Faith Newman

Phyllis Newman

Character Biography:

Kyle Abbott is the son of Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins. Kyle was conceived under unusual circumstances. Diane stole specimen and had herself artificially inseminated with what she thought would be Victor Newman’s child. However, much to her surprise, the specimen belonged to Jack Abbott! Diane renamed her child from Christian Victor Newman to Kyle Jenkins Abbott.

A custody battle began between Jack and Diane, in which Jack won visitation rights. He began to question Diane’s motives when she tried to win him back from Phyllis Summers. Diane set up a plan to bring Phyllis down. She set the Abbott pool house on fire in order to frame Phyllis for arson and attempted murder. Phyllis was able to convince Jack that Diane had set her up and they teamed up in order to get a confession. After Jack seduced Diane into sleeping with him, Diane confessed. Phyllis was released from prison. Jack and Phyllis were able to win full custody of Kyle. Diane would help bail out Jabot Cosmetics during their financial trouble. She also set up office at Jabot. After dealing with friction with Jack working at Jabot and Phyllis working at Newman Enterprises, Jack turned custody of Kyle back over to Diane. After a brief fling with Damon Porter, Diane left town with Kyle and moved to Chicago.

In early 2010 as an arranged surprise for Jack from his new wife Dr. Emily Peterson, Kyle and Diane made a brief return to Genoa City to visit with Jack. Jack and Kyle became re-acquainted. In October 2010, Diane returned to town with Kyle. She allowed Kyle to move in with Jack while she went on to re-marry Victor. Victor insisted that Kyle move into the Ranch with them, so Diane had Kyle move in…against Jack’s wishes.

When Diane found her marriage to Victor crumbling, she allowed Kyle to move back in with his father. Diane and Victor divorced, while she had a brief affair with Nicholas Newman. She even moved in with Adam Newman at the Athletic Club. They concocted a plan to easily purchase all of the Newman stock that was about to go up for grabs. Adam had Diane distract Victor with a fake pregnancy, while he called the news and told them that Victor had died. The price of the stock crumbled, allowing Adam and Jack to buy up the majority. Once Victor found out what Diane was up to, he tossed her right out of the ambulance they were riding in. He vowed to get revenge on Adam, Diane and Jack.

Once the SEC got involved, Diane and Kyle attempted to leave town, but were stopped by SEC officials. It seemed as if the whole town was after Diane. When she partnered up with Adam Newman to help her leave town with Kyle, Diane turned up dead in the local park. Kyle was devastated. Jack took Kyle in to live with him and stood by his son as he grieved.

A few months later, Kyle decided to attend a boarding school in New York. Jack told him that Genoa City would always be his home and that he would see him soon. Before leaving, Kyle gave Jack his approval to marry Genevieve Atkinson.

Kyle would later return, now all grown up and graduated from school.

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