Daisy Carter

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Played by: Yvonne Zima | Photo Gallery

Actress History: Yvonne Zima (2009-2010; 2010-2011; 2011)

Occupation: Convicted Felon

Resides at: Unknown

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:

Daniel Romalotti

1. Lucy Romalotti (daughter with Daniel)

Tom Fisher (father; deceased)
Sheila Carter (mother; deceased)
Ryder Callahan (twin-brother)
Kevin Fisher (half-brother)
Molly Carter (grandmother)
Sarah Carter (aunt; deceased)
Mary Margaret Warwick (half-sister)
Diana Carter (half-sister)


Lauren Fenmore Baldwin
Abby Newman
Daniel Romalotti
Kevin Fisher
Michael Baldwin

Character History:

Daisy Carter is the daughter of Sheila Carter and Tom Fisher. She is also the twin-sister of Ryder Callahan, and half-sister to Kevin Fisher. Daisy also has two half-sisters, Mary Carter Warwick and Diana Carter.

Daisy was first introduced into Genoa City as Abby Newman’s new friend. She worked at Fenmore’s Department Store and lived in the dorms at her high school. She and Ryder arrived in Genoa City to get revenge against Lauren Fenmore for killing their mother, Sheila. They worked with their aunt, Sarah Carter, Sheila’s sister, to commit a series of crimes, including kidnapping Lauren and Jana Fisher. They were rescued by Kevin and Lauren’s husband, Michael Baldwin.

During the chaotic battle with Lauren, Daisy also became attracted to Daniel Romalotti, who was married to Amber Moore at the time. After drugging him, Daisy raped Daniel. Afterward, Daisy and Ryder left town, but promised to return someday.

A very pregnant Daisy returned later that year to further stalk Lauren. But she was soon caught and put in jail. Daniel’s mother, Phyllis, convinced courts to let Daisy stay with her during the remaining time of her pregnancy. On New Years Eve, Daisy went into labor and Daniel agreed to take her to a hospital. During the drive, Daisy knocked Daniel out and ran off. She delivered her baby girl and left her at a church nearby.

The baby was later illegally adopted by Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman, who named her Lucy, after Lucille Ball. Once Phyllis found out that Billy and Victoria’s new baby was actually Daniel’s baby, she filed for full custody of Lucy, despite Daniel wanting to leave the baby where she was.

In the summer of 2011, Daisy returned to Genoa City, having been baited by Phyllis. Daisy agreed to do what Phyllis said so she could see her daughter grow up and be in her life, despite having no rights. Daniel warned Daisy that Phyllis wouldn’t pay her legal bills if they lost the case. She was only being used as a pawn in the custody case where the real prize was Lucy. After testifying that she was forced to do her crimes, which Phyllis told her to lie about in order to win the case, and that life on the run made her have an epiphany, the judge ruled in Daisy’s favor, while giving Phyllis custody. Daisy returned to jail once more.

She was seen once again, being that she was in the same prison as Sharon Newman. Daisy saw Sharon and walked up to her, telling her that she knew who she was and that they both had someone in common: Phyllis.

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