Amber Moore

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Amber Moore’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Adrienne Frantz

Actress History: Adrienne Frantz (2006-2010)

Occupation: Clothing Designer

Resides at: Los Angeles

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Rick Forrester (annulled)
2. Rick Forrester (divorced)
3. Cane Ashby (illegal)
4. Daniel Romalotti (divorced)

Raymond King
Rick Forrester
CJ Garrison
Deacon Sharpe
Thomas Forrester
Gary “Plum”
Adrian Korbel
Cane Ashby
Billy Abbott
Daniel Romalotti
Oliver Jones
Marcus Forrester
Liam Spencer


Tawny Moore (mother)
April Knight (twin-sister)
Joe Moore (uncle)
Rebecca Moore (cousin; deceased)

Chloe Mitchell
Katherine Chancellor
Kevin Fisher
Jana Fisher
Cane Ashby
Billy Abbott
Daniel Romalotti

Phyllis Newman
Deacon Sharpe
Jill Abbott Fenmore

Character History:

Amber Moore first appeared in Genoa City in 2006 as a singer for Neil Winters’ Indigo night club. But she had a long history of scandal before any of that. Having first arrived in Los Angeles in 1997, Amber was involved in an affair with 16 year old Rick Forrester when she was the age of 20. She became pregnant with his child, but it was sadly stillborn. Amber took her cousin’s baby and passed it off as her own. She and Rick named him Eric Forrester III, or Little Eric.

Soon, Rick tracked down Little Eric’s biological father, Deacon Sharpe. Deacon used Little Eric as leverage and took him away from Amber. She would eventually get romantically involved in an on-again/off-again relationship with Deacon.

She would eventually leave Los Angeles and find her way to Genoa City just in time for the grand opening of Indigo. She soon found herself in a love triangle between herself, Adrian Korbel and Colleen Carlton. She also became good friends with Katherine Chancellor. Katherine saw a lot of herself in Amber.

Next Amber became involved with the mysterious Cane Ashby. Cane was in town claiming to be looking for his biological mother. Amber knew that Jill was also looking for the son that Katherine had stolen from her and given up. Amber saw this as the perfect opportunity to win her way into the Chancellor mansion. Amber helped Cane prove that he was Jill’s son. Amber soon tricked Cane into marrying her. She got him so drunk one night that he passed out. She then had her friend pose as him and went to an alter and eloped. The next morning she told Cane that they were married. Soon Cane found out the truth and the marriage was declared invalid.

Next, Amber became good friends with Daniel Romalotti and eventually became lovers after Daniel’s divorce to Lily Winters.

Amber and Daniel were eventually married and seemed to be living happily until Deacon Sharpe arrived in town. Deacon helped frame Daniel for stolen art and murder. He even convinced Amber into sleeping with him, telling her he would save Daniel from prison if she did. Deacon was eventually arrested and Daniel and Amber went back to being happy. Until Deacon told her that the reason he did what he did was because he was being blackmailed by Sarah Carter and needed to protect Little Eric. Amber panicked and demanded to know where Little Eric was. Deacon revealed that he had left him with Amber’s mother, Tawney.

Little Eric arrived in Genoa City however, by himself. He had ran away from Tawney, looking for Amber. Amber knew that she needed to take Little Eric away from Genoa City in order to protect him. She began to make plans to leave town and begged Daniel to come with her. Daniel refused, not wanting to raise children and asked Amber to stay. Amber ultimately left with Little Eric and headed back to Los Angeles. A few weeks later, Daniel received divorce papers in the mail.

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