Michael Baldwin

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Michael Baldwin’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Christian LeBlanc

Actor History: Christian LeBlanc (1991-1993; 1997-present)

Occupation: Attorney

Resides at: 196 E Chestnut, Apt. #632

Spouse: Lauren Fenmore (December 9, 2005-present)

Previous Marriages:
1. Hillary Lancaster (divorced)

Hillary Lancaster
Phyllis Newman
Grace Turner
Isabella Brana
Christine Blair
Lauren Fenmore

1. Fenmore Baldwin (son with Lauren)

Lowell “River” Baldwin (father)
Gloria Bardwell (mother)
Jeffrey Bardwell (step-father)
Kevin Fisher (half-broher)
Eden Gerick (half-sister)
Florence Baldwin (grandmother; deceased)
Jill Fenmore (sister-in-law)

Phyllis Newman
Victor Newman
Paul Williams
Christine Blair
Nicholas Newman
Victoria Newman
Jill Fenmore
Katherine Chancellor

Ryder Callahan
Daisy Carter
Jack Abbott

Young and Restless character biography:

When Michael Baldwin first entered Genoa City, he was a high-powered lawyer who was mentoring Christine Blair. He had assertive and effective methods in the courtroom that impressed Christine. But Michael became sexually agressive towards Christine, she brought him up on charges and Michael was fired for his actions. He went on to marry Hilary Lancaster, one of his former harassment victims, in attempt to show that he had no desire to pursue Christine.

Michael went too far when he made a hole into the wall of Christine’s apartment in order to get through. He tied up and gagged Christine’s friend, Nina Webster, and attempted to rape Christine. Paul Williams busted in and shot Michael many times, saving Christine. Michael survived and spent four years in prison. Once he was paroled, he manipulated Christine into supporting his bid to be able to practice law once again. Christine agreed when Michael donated a kidney to Danny Romalotti, her ex-husband.

Michael and Christine would face off in the courtroom when Phyllis Summers and Danny Romalotti divorced and fought for custody of their son, Daniel. They would also go toe to toe in the custody battle case over Cassie Newman. After they were finally able to put their differences aside, Michael and Christine formed the law firm…Baldwin, Williams and Associates. Michael fell in love with Christine and hired Isabella Brana to break up Christine and Paul Williams. Michael and Christine became engaged, but she called it off after Michael came clean about hiring Isabella.

As an attorney, Michael has represented many of Genoa City’s famous citizens, such as Katherine Chancellor when she battled Jill Fenmore for control of her family mansion. He represented Diane Jenkins when she divorced Victor Newman. He also represented Jabot Cosmetics during the tainted face cream scandal. He also had flings with Phyllis Summers and Grace Turner. He started a relationship with Victoria Newman, but it was cut short when she left town.

When Michael’s half-brother, Kevin Fisher, came to town, Michael wanted nothing to do with him. After Kevin was nearly beaten to death in prison, Michael softened up to Kevin. In time, Michael welcomed Kevin and their mother, Gloria, into his home.

Michael finally settled down when he fell in love and married Lauren Fenmore. After getting off to a rock start with trouble from Sheila Carter, Michael and Lauren became proud parents of Fenmore Baldwin. Not long afterwards, Sheila returned to Genoa city, looking just like Michael’s friend, Phyllis. Paul and Michael teamed up to keep her locked up away from Lauren. But it wasn’t long before Sheila escaped. Sheila kidnapped Lauren, Phyllis and their babies and terrorized them before Lauren was able to find out who the real Phyllis was and shot and killed Sheila.

Gloria began dating her deceased husband’s twin brother, Jeffrey Bardwell, trying to find out how much he knew about her tampering with the Jabot face cream. It would eventually come out and Gloria would serve some jail time.

When Kevin married his girlfriend, Jana Hawkes, they had their ceremony at an Ashram in Malibu, California. Everyone was stunned to see that the minister was Michael’s long lost father, Lowell “River” Baldwin. Michael was upset and had a hard time getting past his anger over his father abandoning him as a child. River followed him to Genoa City and tried to bond with him and his family. When his past came back to haunt him, River left town leaving his daughter, Eden with Michael.

Michael continues to be a faithful attorney to his clients, usually Victor Newman, and has completely changed his life around from when he first appeared in Genoa City. And despite often trouble from Adam Newman, Jack Abbott, or even Sheila Carter’s children, Michael is always there to support his family and work his best at defending his clients.

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