Ana Hamilton

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Played by: Jamia Simone Nash aka JAMIA

Actress History: Jamia Simone Nash (2008-2009; 2011)

Occupation: Child Singer

Resides at: Unknown

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:



Yolanda Hamilton (mother)
Tyra Hamilton (mother; via adoption)
Devon Hamilton (half-brother)
Virginia Hamilton (great-aunt)

Devon Hamilton
Neil Winters
Karen Winters
Lily Winters


Character History:

Ana Hamilton came into town during the summer of 2008 with her mother, Tyra to surprise her cousin Devon. Ana graced Genoa City with her remarkable singing ability.

Soon after arriving, Tyra revealed that Ana was actually Devon’s half-sister…meaning Ana and Devon shared Yolanda Hamilton for a mother. Once Ana learned that Tyra was not her biological mother, she feared that she would be sent off to school out of town. Tyra reassured her that she wasn’t going to desert her, and went moved to New Hampshire with Ana so that they could stick together.

But soon, Ana dropped out of the school and was on her way with Tyra to Chicago. Ana managed to run away and find her way back to Devon and the Winters family. Tyra tracked her down and everybody was reunited. Tyra agreed to stay in Genoa City. Soon after, Yolanda filed a missing persons report on Ana. Ana was taken away from Tyra and put into foster care. Neil Winters and his wife at the time, Karen, tried adopting Ana…just as Neil had done with Devon. Attorney Rafe Torres took Ana’s case. Neil and Karen got custody of Ana, but Tyra soon felt that Karen was trying to take over as Ana’s mother. Tyra filed for full custody of her niece.

Tyra was eventually granted full custody of Ana. Tyra would eventually cause Neil and Karen to end their marriage. Tyra and Neil dated briefly, but once learning that Tyra herself was adopted into the Hamilton family…she had an affair with Devon, her “nephew”. Devon, feeling guilty, admitted his affair to his father. Tyra later showed up and announced to Neil that she was sorry and was leaving town. Tyra and Ana left town, but promised to visit.

Ana did finally visit during Christmas of 2011, when she came to visit Devon and sing in the Christmas pageant. While she was there, she got to meet her real mother, Yolanda, who is now going by the name of Harmony.

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