Sharon Newman

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Sharon Abbott’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Sharon Case

Actress History: Sharon Case (1994-present)
Heidi Mark (1994)
Monica Potter (1994)

Occupation: Director of Beauty line for Newman Enterprises

Resides at: Former caretaker’s cottage on Newman Ranch

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Nicholas Newman (divorced)
2. Jack Abbott (divorced)
3. Adam Newman (annulled)
4. Victor Newman (annulled)

Frank Barritt (deceased)
Matt Clark (deceased)
Diego Guitterez
Cameron Kirsten
Brad Carlton (deceased)
Jack Abbott
Nicholas Newman
Billy Abbott
Adam Newman
Sam Gibson

1. Cassie Newman (daughter with Frank; adopted by Nicholas; deceased)
2. Noah Newman (son with Nicholas)
3. Faith Newman (daughter with Nicholas)

Doris Collins (mother)

Neil Winters
Victor Newman
Nicholas Newman
Adam Newman
Jack Abbott
Ashley Abbott

Sam Gibson

Phyllis Newman

Young and Restless character biography:

Sharon Newman entered Genoa City as a young girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She has grown from a girl from the poor side of town to a mature mother and successful businesswoman. Sharon and her mother, Doris, lived in Madison, Wisconsin, where she would give up her daughter, Cassie, for adoption. As a young high school student, Sharon moved to Genoa City and fell in love with Nicholas Newman. She survived being attacked and raped by Nick’s enemy, Matt Clark, and stood by Nick when he was accused of shooting Matt.

Nick and Sharon married shortly after he was released from jail, despite her new mother in law, Nikki’s, wishes. Next, Sharon would give birth to her first child with Nick, Noah. Noah was born premature, and spent weeks struggling to survive. When it was feared that Noah wouldn’t survive, Sharon’s friend, Grace, tracked Cassie down and brought her to Genoa City. Nick and Sharon battled for custody of Cassie, who had been adopted by Alice Johnson. They were finally able to win custody, and Nick adopted Cassie as his own daughter.

Sharon was also heavily involved in the business world. She served as co-owner of Crimson Lights and a spokesperson for Jabot Cosmetics, N.V.P., and Newman Enterprises. Sharon and Nick’s marriage suffered a lot of unfaithfulness. Sharon had affairs with Diego Guitterez and Cameron Kirsten, while Nick had an affair with Grace. The couple were always able to find their way back to each other until they received the devastating news that Cassie had been in a severe car accident. She had been out with friends, and tried to drive a drunk Daniel Romalotti home. The car wrecked and Cassie was ultimately killed.

After Cassie’s death, Sharon began to suspect that Nick was having an affair with Phyllis Summers. Sharon confronted Nicholas about the affair in the same hotel room that Nick and Phyllis had made love. Sharon broke it off with Nick and filed for divorce. Later, Sharon would have an affair with Brad Carlton, her brother-in-law. When Brad chose to concentrate on his marriage, Sharon began a relationship with Jack Abbott. Despite warning from friends, Sharon and Jack grew closer and married. Sharon was especially happy that Jack had become such a great stepfather for Noah.

Sharon and Jack joined Phyllis and Nick as partners for a new business magazine, Restless Style, but when Jack began using the magazine to publish gossip and manipulate the other partners, their partnership fell apart. Nick bought Jack and Sharon out and continued to run the magazine with Phyllis. While on a field trip to Paris, Sharon and Nick met up and shared a kiss on a bridge that overlooked the Eiffel Tower. Phyllis, who had went to surprise Nick, witnessed the kiss but didn’t tell anyone. When everyone returned home, it became obvious that Nick and Sharon were falling back in love with each other. Worried that her marriage was over, Phyllis told Brad where Sharon was staying and urged that he reach out to her. Sharon had just divorced Jack and was staying at his cabin to have some time alone. Brad went to the cabin, but was turned away by Sharon. While on his way back into town, Brad heard Noah screaming for help. He got out of his car to discover that Noah had fallen through the icy lake. Brad jumped in and rescued Noah, but got himself stuck under the ice and drowned. Nick raced to the cabin to inform Sharon of everything that had just happened. After a snow storm prevented them from leaving the cabin, Nick and Sharon made love in front of the fire place.

They returned home the next day to the hospital, and Phyllis realized what had happened between them…but she was convinced to save her marriage. However, the final straw was when Sharon became pregnant with Nick’s child. Phyllis, realizing that Nick would always be connected to Sharon, broke it off with Nick. Nick began dating Sharon again and made plans to buy a house together and start over. But when Nick’s daughter, Summer, was poisoned, he rushed to her bedside and Sharon told him she didn’t want to break up his family. But the family would ultimately break up anyway. Phyllis and Nick divorced shortly after.

When Sharon began blacking out and stealing things, she checked herself into a mental hospital. A pregnant Ashley Abbott was also there. Adam Newman followed Dr. Taylor there, because he had caused Ashley to miscarry but convinced her that she was still pregnant. Ashley went into hysterical labor the same time that Sharon went into labor for real. Realizing that he was in a jam, Adam stole Sharon’s baby and gave it to Ashley. He had Dr. Taylor convince Sharon that she lost the baby, while giving the baby to Ashley. Nick and Sharon were devastated.

Adam’s guilt began to eat away at him and he began to become closer to Ashley and Sharon. Sharon decided to move on and moved into Brad’s old house. Sharon began dating Adam, unaware of what he had done. She allowed him to move into the house with her and Noah. They flew off to Lake Tahoe and impulsively got married. When the jet began going down on the way back, Adam felt guilty and wrote the truth about Sharon’s baby on a piece of paper. Sharon saw the paper but the plane crashed and she suffered memory loss. When they returned, Nick attacked Adam and accused him of taking advantage of her.

When Noah moved away to go to school in Paris, Sharon agreed to move into the Newman Ranch with Ashley. Adam knew it would be impossible to keep his secret with everybody living together. Dr. Taylor showed up and told Adam that he was going to tell the women the truth. Adam followed him and they began fighting in front of Jimmy’s Bar. Phyllis walked by just as Adam shoved Dr. Taylor, which caused him to fall in front of a moving car. He was killed instantly.

Phyllis began investigating Adam and Dr. Taylor’s past. She found out about Dr. Taylor being accused of harassing several of his patients. She also realized that Adam had been the one who haunted Ashley for months during her pregnancy. Adam was afraid that all of his lies were about to come out, and tried to talk Sharon into moving away. Sharon finally read Skye Lockhart’s diary. Skye was an ex-girlfriend of Adam. In her diary, it claimed that she had been harassed by Dr. Taylor and that Adam knew all about it. Sharon broke up with Adam and moved back into Brad’s house. Sharon began to realize that her child had not died at birth and was determined to find her. With help from Phyllis, Sharon discovered the horrifying truth that Adam had stolen her baby and gave her to Ashley. Ashley ultimately gave baby Faith back to Sharon and Nick.

Knowing that all of Genoa City was after him, Adam faked his death and left town where he reunited with Skye…who had also faked her death.

Victor, Jack, and Sharon teamed up and tracked Adam down and brought him back to Genoa City, but Adam the charges against Adam were dropped.

During a storm, Adam begged Sharon to give him a ride home. She did, but they had to pull off of the road because of a tornado coming straight for them. They ran into a barn, where Adam threw himself on top of Sharon and Faith to protect them. This caused Sharon to begin having feelings for Adam again.

Victor, determined to bring Adam down, hired Skye to fake her death again, and make it look as if Adam had killed her. Adam was arrested, but Sharon stood by her man. She promised him that she would find Skye and tracked her down. During a battle on a volcano, Skye slipped and fell in. Sharon tried to save her, but Skye ultimately died for real. Sharon returned with the news, but was arrested herself for murdering Skye. Adam was released and tried to help prove that Skye’s death was an accident. He was unable to prove her innocence in time, and Sharon was found guilty and sentenced to prison. Adam helped Sharon escape and she took off to New Mexico.

While there, Sharon was mugged by a female thief and left on the side of the street. The mugger took all of Sharon’s jewelry, including her wedding ring that Adam had given her. The car wrecked and caught fire, and the mugger was burned beyond recognition. When Adam came to identify the body, he saw the ring that he had given Sharon and believed that Sharon had died. Learning that Genoa City thought she was dead, Sharon decided to stay hidden in order to no longer hurt her family. She believed that it was best for everyone if she just disappeared. She stumbled into a barn and slept on the hay. She awoke to a farmer standing over her. His name was Sam Gibson, and he agreed to let her stay in the barn for as long as she wanted. Over time, Sharon and Sam became close and began to fall in love. They had a brief affair before people began to recognize Sharon and she was arrested and brought back to Genoa City. Nick was furious that Sharon had faked her death and not contacted her children. Adam understood why she did it and stood by her, until Sam followed her to town. Adam realized that Sharon and Sam had been intimate and became furious. He destroyed the evidence that he had found, which cleared Sharon’s name.

Eventually, the full truth came out that she was innocent, and she was freed with the help of attorney Avery Bailey Clark. Sharon had a restraining order drawn against Adam at Nick’s order, but ended up making love with Adam a day before it was active. She later briefly married Victor – who did this to protect Nikki for the murder of Diane Jenkins – however her feelings for Adam remained unresolved; Victor their marriage annuled. Sharon supported Adam after he was attacked by Patty Williams, causing him to go permanently blind.

When Sharon found out Adam was responsible for breaking Patty out of the psych ward a year before, she ended things with him. Nick comforted Sharon after the revealation.

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