Avery Bailey Clark

Jessica Collins As Avery Bailey Clark 2015 Y26R 6437036
Played by: Jessica Collins

Actress History: Jessica Collins (2011-present)

Occupation: Attorney

Resides at: Genoa City Athletic Club

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Unknown Husband (divorced)

Nicholas Newman


George Summers (father)
Lydia Callahan Summers (mother)
Phyllis Newman (sister)
Daniel Romalotti (nephew)
Summer Newman (niece)
Lucy Abbott (great-niece)

Nicholas Newman
Sharon Newman
Michael Baldwin

Phyllis Newman
Adam Newman

Character History:

Avery Bailey Clark first arrived in Genoa City after being hired by Victor Newman to assist Sharon Newman as her attorney. Sharon was being wrongfully convicted of murdering Skye Lockhart. Avery even pretended to flirt with Sharon’s ex, Adam Newman, to get the truth to find evidence.

Shortly after, it was revealed she was connected to Phyllis Summers Newman…they are sisters. Avery was able to create a trial for Sharon, which could be her door to freedom. Sharon was initially going to plead guilty when offered only 18 months (and then freedom) if she did so, however Avery made sure her children were in the court room, so she wouldn’t lie and say she committed murder when she didn’t; and it worked. Months later Sharon was freed.

Avery formed a friendship with Nicholas Newman, who was not only Sharon’s ex husband of ten years, but involved with Phyllis at the time. Once Nick left Phyllis, he and Avery became involved. To get to Phyllis, Avery agreed to become the lawyer of Daisy Carter (a psychotic person who had given birth to Phyllis’ granddaughter, to whom Phyllis managed to get full custody of) and it also allowed Daisy to spend time with her daughter, Lucy. Despite this, Avery’s reasoning was more personal, as she didn’t have full knowledge of Daisy’s potential. After Sharon was freed, Avery and Nick continued to see each other, however Avery left Nick knowing he was in love with Phyllis, and Nick went back to Phyllis and made love. Avery represented Nick when he was against Sharon’s plea to the courts to gain joint custody of their daughter, Faith.

It was later revealed Avery and Phyllis’ father was dying. Avery reached out to Phyllis to urge her to go see him. Phyllis refused several times because she was still upset at him for never admitting to stealing his client’s money year ago. After talking over it with Nick, Phyllis changed her mind and decided to go.

Out of pure spite because Phyllis wouldn’t visit their father, Avery vowed to reduce Daisy’s prison sentence and get her custody of Lucy. After a court hearing, Daisy was released on time served and was granted full custody of Lucy. Avery soon after learned that Phyllis had went to see their dad. Avery arrived just in time to hear her father confess to Phyllis that he had in fact stolen all of those people’s money. Avery blamed her father for making her hate her sister for years, when in fact she should have been hating him. Phyllis and Avery stayed outside in the hospital lobby as their father passed away, alone. Avery confessed to Phyllis that she did something terrible, get Daisy released from prison. Phyllis vowed that if Daisy came near Lucy, it would be war for the two of them.

That is exactly what happened, as Daisy got granted full custody of Lucy and took her without letting Phyllis even say goodbye. Avery began working with Michael Baldwin to help get Lucy away from Daisy.

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