Lily Ashby

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Lily Winters’ Photo scrapbook | Played by Christel Khalil

Actress History: Christel Khalil (2002-2005 ; 2006-present)
Davetta Sherwood (2006)
Brooke Marie Bridges (1997-2000)
Vanessa Carson (1996)

Occupation: Cane Ashby (February 14th, 2012-present)

Resides at: House bought by Cane Ashby

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Daniel Romalotti (divorced)
2. Cane Ashby (divorced)

Kevin Fisher
Daniel Romalotti
Cane Ashby
Billy Abbott

1. Charlie Ashby (son with Cane)
2. Matilda Ashby (daughter with Cane)

Malcolm Winters (father)
Drucilla Winters (mother; deceased)
Neil Winters (uncle, step-father)
Devon Hamilton (foster brother)
Walter Barber (grandfather)
Lillie Belle Barber (grandmother)
Mamie Johnson (great aunt)
Olivia Barber Winters (aunt)
Nathan Hastings, Jr. (cousin)

Colleen Carlton (deceased)
Billy Abbott
Mackenzie Browning
Daniel Romalotti
Emily Peterson

Abby Newman
Amber Moore
Blake Joseph (deceased)

Young and Restless character biography:

Lily Winters was born in Genoa City where she grew up with her parents, Neil and Drucilla. After Neil and Dru split up, Lily went with her mom to Paris where Dru would work as a fasion model. Lily returned years later as a teenager to help her father battle alcoholism.

Lily settled down and became friends with Colleen Carlton and Sierra Hoffman. She was unaware that Neil was actually her uncle. Blood tests revealed that her biological father was Neil’s half-brother, Malcolm. Lily became a victim to the internet predator, Kevin Fisher. Kevin lured Lily to his apartment and seduced her. Later, Lily would be diagnosed with Chlamydia. Lily would be further damaged when she met a young man named Alex. Alex drugged her and tried to rape her, all a part of the plan that Kevin and Daniel Romalotti set up to make Kevin look like a hero.

Next, Lily would become good friends with Devon Hamilton, who was in foster care. Devon was thrilled when Neil and Dru brought him into their home as their foster child. They were concerned that Lily and Devon would become romantic with each other, but they remained just friends. Malcolm would return to Genoa City, after being presumed dead, and was determined to find out the truth about Lily being his daughter. Lily was devastated after she struck Neil down with the car. She wanted to donate blood to Neil, but Malcolm insisted on being the donor. He feared that Lily’s blood would not match Neil. Lily would next open her heart up to Daniel Romalotti. But their relationship immediately got off to a bad start due to the fact that their mothers, Dru and Phyllis, were in a feud. Lily would take Daniel’s side when he was arrested for causing Cassie Newman’s death during a drunk driving accident. The young couple went on the run. Cassie’s father, Nick Newman, tracked them down with the help of Phyllis and Neil. They brought them back to Genoa City. Lily and Daniel would make love for the first time after Daniel was exonerated for Cassie’s death. Dru and Neil sent Lily off to boarding school in order to keep her away from Daniel.

When Lily returned for a visit, she and Daniel secretly began dating. Lily was stunned to learn that Malcolm was actually her father. She had overheard an argument between Phyllis and Drucilla, in which the truth came out. Lily would use the information to her advantage and blackmailed her mother into accepting Daniel. They eloped in Las Vegas. Lily and Daniel moved into the Abbott garden shed.

Lily caused a feud between Neil and Dru when she accidentally revealed to Neil that Malcolm was her biological father. When Alex returned to town to blackmail Daniel and Kevin, Daniel confessed the truth to Lily about his involvement in her earlier attack with Alex. Angry, Lily left Daniel, but they would soon found their way back to one another. Daniel continued to offer his support during Devon’s health crises and her parents’ marital difficulties.

In 2007, Lily faced two major setbacks. First, she lost her mother, who fell off a cliff during a struggle between Phyllis and Sharon Newman. Dru and Sharon fell off the side and Sharon was later found alive, but Dru’s body was never recovered. As her family grieved, Lily suffered knowing that Daniel’s mother was the cause for her mother’s death. Meanwhile, she found out that Daniel had a secret…he was addicted to dirty internet sites. They tried to get him help, but it would not work. Lily finally filed for divorce. With the loss of her mother, husband, and accepting that her adopted brother, Devon, had feelings for her, Colleen tried to keep Lily’s spirits up.

Lily met the newly single, Cane, and became good friends with him. Cane was revealed to be the real Phillip Chancellor III, son of Jill Foster. Cane and Lily fell in love and he proposed to her, but the arrival of Chloe Mitchell would create a wedge in their relationship. It was clear from the beginning that Chloe had her eyes set on Cane. She even claimed that she became pregnant with his child after a drunken night together. Cane was in love with Lily, but wanted to do the right thing for the baby. He was unaware that the baby actually belonged to Billy Abbott. Soon Chloe was revealed to actually be Kate Valentine, Esther’s daughter. When Billy returned to town, he began flirting with Lily. With Cane sticking by Chloe, Lily chose to begin a relationship with Billy. But when the baby was born, it was revealed that Billy was actually her father and Lily and Cane reunited.
Cane and Lily were married on May 15th, 2009. Nina Webster returned to Genoa City to write a screenplay adaption off Katherine Chancellor’s memoirs and was immediately skeptical of Cane’s story. Paul Williams would discover that the woman who supposedly switched the babies at Phillip’s birth was out of town at the time…making that part of Cane’s story a lie. Jill and Katherine refused to believe that Cane had been lying to them. When Nina’s son, Chance, returned home, it was thought that he may have Huntington’s disease. Nina had Phillip’s body re-examined to discover if he had carried the disease. But Nina was shocked to learn that there was no body in the coffin, and further tests proved that there had never been a body in the coffin!

Jill requested another DNA test, but Cane was able to provide blood that matched with Jill. Paul investigated and revealed that the blood Cane used had been frozen. When Nina, Jill, Katherine, Lily, and Neil all confront Cane about who he was…Cane revealed that he was not the real Phillip Chancellor III. He said he didn’t do it for the money and never wanted to hurt anyone. When asked how he could do this to the people he supposedly loved, the real Phillip Chancellor III walked in and revealed that it had been his plan! Everyone was shocked to see Phillip alive, after being thought dead for over 20 years. Phillip revealed that he had faked his death after not wanting to deal with the responsibilities as a young executive at Chancellor Industries, as a new father, and as an alcoholic. He also revealed that he had secretly been gay.

Everyone would eventually forgive Cane, even Lily. But Lily would suffer another setback when Lily was diagnosed with cancer. Cane stayed by her side all of the way. Lily had to have an operation that would mean that she could no longer have children. But before the operation, the doctors were able to save two eggs. Cane and Lily were able to use the eggs to have a baby through a surrogate mother, Mackenzie Browning. Mackenzie, Lily, and Cane were shocked to learn that Mackenzie would be having twins!

While battling cancer, Colleen went out to the Abbott cabin to find the psychotic Patty Williams. Patty tied held her hostage and ultimately caused her death. Lily was devastated. However, Colleen visited Lily in a dream and told her that she would beat her cancer and that her twins would be alright. Colleen’s vision would come true, as Lily was able to beat the cancer and be there to raise her twins.

In October of 2010, Blake Joseph began watching Cane and Lily. Cane confronted him and Blake said that Cane owed them money for else he would pay. Around the same time, Cane’s father, Colin Atkinson, came to town and began dating Jill. Jill fell in love and agreed to marry him. Cane knew he had to stop the wedding. He wrote Lily a letter, revealing his final secret…that Colin was actually his father and that he had a sister who had died and a twin brother. The note got lost amongst things on a counter, as Cane rushed to the church to stop the wedding. Just as Colin and Jill were saying, “I do”, Cane found Blake and began fighting him. When Lily came outside of the church and saw them fighting, Blake aimed his gun at Lily and the twins and fired. Cane jumped in front of the gun and took the bullet, which killed him.

Lily suffered perhaps the greatest loss since the death of her mother. She began to recuperate and even found friendship in her ex-husband, Daniel. But Lily soon began seeing visions of Cane. Visions that seemed real. Too real. Lily was able to talk to and touch the “ghost Cane”. Lily checked herself into a mental institution, knowing that she was going crazy. However it was revealed that Cane was not a ghost at all. He was actually still alive and working his mother, Genevieve, in order to set up Colin. Cane made Colin think that he was Caleb, Cane’s twin brother. But in reality, it was Caleb who was shot and killed at the church. When the truth came out, Lily was furious and demanded Cane stay out of her and the twins’ life.

Lily reunited with Daniel shortly after and even slept with him. But soon broke up with him and began to give Cane a second chance. But things didn’t change, she soon realized that he was still keeping secrets. It turned out that Cane’s ultimate secret was that he had been working with the FBI and police to bring Colin down once and for all. Lily finally understood why he couldn’t tell her and forgave him.

They remarried on Valentines day 2012 in France!

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