Billy Abbott

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Billy Abbott’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Billy Miller

Actor History: Billy Miller (2008-present)
Scott Seymour (2006)
Ryan Brown (2002-2003)
David Tom (1999-2002)
Scotty Leavenworth (1996-1998)
Josh Rose (1995-1996)
Blake Pontello (1994-1995)
Shane Silver (1993-1995)
Brett Sherman (1993)
Katrin & Margaret Ingmarsdottir (1993)

Occupation: House with Victoria Newman

Resides at: Trailer in Genoa City

Spouse: Victoria Newman (December 26th, 2011-present)

Previous Marriages:
1. Mackenzie Browning (annulled)
2. Chloe Mitchell (divorced)
3. Victoria Newman (invalid)
4. Victoria Newman (divorced)

Brittany Hodges
Mackenzie Browning
Chloe Mitchell
Amber Moore
Lily Winters
Sharon Abbott
Heather Stevens
Chelsea Lawson
Victoria Newman

1. Delia Abbott (daughter with Chloe)
2. John Abbott IV (son with Chelsea; adopted by Victoria)

John Abbott (father; deceased)
Jill Foster Abbott (mother)
Jack Abbott (half-brother)
Traci Abbott Connolly (half-sister)
Phillip Chancellor III (half-brother)
Robert Abbott (grandfather; deceased)
William Foster (grandfather; deceased)
Elizabeth Foster (grandmother)
Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (aunt)
Keemo Abbott (half-nephew)
Kyle Abbott (half-nephew)
John Abbott III (half-nephew; deceased)
Colleen Carlton (half-niece; deceased)
Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV (half-nephew)
Scotty Grainger (cousin)
Fenmore Baldwin (cousin)

Victoria Newman
Esther Valentine
Rafe Torres
Chloe Mitchell
Amber Moore

Adam Newman
Phyllis Newman

Character Biography:

Billy Abbott is the often referred to as the “Black Sheep” of the Abbott family. He is the son of Jill Fenmore and the late John Abbott. Billy was sent off to Tokyo by his brother Jack. In Tokyo, Billy became a classy businessman and playboy. He later met Amber Moore in Los Angeles and Chloe Mitchell in New York City, and had relationships with both of them.

Once Billy returned to Genoa City, he became upset to see that Cane Ashby had taken his place as Jill’s son. Billy was also surprised to learn that Chloe was in town, and that she was actually Kate Valentine, Esther’s daughter. Chloe announced that she was pregnant with Cane’s child. Billy became suspicious of the timing because of their past connection, but Chloe insisted that the child wasn’t Billy’s. Billy decided to stay quiet about their fling because he didn’t want the responsibility of being a father.

Meanwhile, Billy became interested in Cane’s ex, Lily Winters. But everything changed when it was revealed that Chloe’s baby was in fact Billy’s. Shortly after baby Delia’s birth, Billy and Chloe married. But Chloe soon realized that Billy still had feelings for his ex, Mackenzie Browning. They divorced. After he and Mackenzie didn’t work out, Billy went on a downward spiral. He began drinking too much and sleeping around until one Christmas Eve, he got back on track. Billy committed to himself that he would be a good father and better person. He also found the love of his life in Victoria Newman, which caused a new war between the Newmans and the Abbotts. Despite their families disapproval, Billy and Victoria were married.

Billy, seeing that Victoria wanted to have another child badly, illegally adopted a baby off of the black market. Ironically the baby that was adopted was the baby that Daisy Carter and Daniel Romalotti had given up. When it was revealed that baby Lucy was actually Daniel’s, Phyllis Newman filed for custody of the child despite Daniel’s wishes. Lucy was taken from Billy and Victoria. Victoria blamed Billy, which caused him to downward spiral again. He left town for Hong Kong, thinking it would be best for everyone involved. However, Delia was diagnosed with leukemia and everyone began searching for Billy.

Victor Newman tracked him down in Hong Kong prison. Victor bailed him out and brought him to Genoa City to save Delia as a bone marrow donor, under the condition that he be kept in hiding and never speak to Victoria again. Billy agreed and was able to save his daughter, with everyone else thinking it was Kevin Fisher who was the bone marrow donor.

The truth finally came out and Billy was finally reunited with Victoria. Although she was angry with him at first, Victoria found out the truth and reconciled with him.

Billy began to get his life back together when he moved back in with Victoria, and he bought Restless Style back from Nick Newman. When Victoria found out about her father’s involvement in Billy’s extended vacation, she severed all ties with him.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Chloe were planning their upcoming nuptials. On the day of the wedding, Kevin was tricked by Angelina Veneziano, and he left Chloe at the altar. In order to distract the wedding guests, Billy spontaneously decided to marry Victoria for a third time. Chloe gave the newlyweds her honeymoon vacation to Jamaica, but their stay was cut short when Victoria received a call from an adoption agency about a possible match. The couple rushed home, only to find Billy’s fling from Myanmar, Chelsea Lawson, waiting on their doorstep with a surprise: she was pregnant with Billy’s child. A paternity test proved her accusation to be true. Billy and Victoria declined the adoption agency’s offer to meet with their prospective match, and they vowed to raise Billy’s child without Chelsea instead.


Details of What Happened

1993 Billy is born
1999 Returned from boarding school
2006 Sent to Hong Kong to fix his gambling problem
2008 Returned and was revealed to be the father of Chloe Mitchell’s baby
2010 Married Victoria Newman

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