Daniel Romalotti

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Daniel Romalotti’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Michael Graziadei

Actor History:
Michael Graziadei (2004-present)
Owen Beckman (2004; episodes never aired)
Cam Gigandet (2004)
Roland Gibbons (1998)
Chase MacKenzie Bebak (1997-1998)
Michael McElroy (1996-1997)
Desiree & Hannah Wheelan (1994-1996)

Birth Name: Daniel Romalotti Jr.

Occupation: Artist

Resides at: Artist Studio

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Lily Winters (divorced)
2. Amber Moore (divorced)

Mackenzie Browning
Lily Winters
Heather Stevens
Amber Moore
Colleen Carlton (deceased)
Daisy Carter
Abby Newman
Eden Baldwin

1. Lucy Romalotti (daughter with Daisy)

Danny Romalotti (thought to be father)
Phyllis Newman (mother)
Brian Hamilton (biological father)
George Summers (grandfather)
Lydia Summers (grandmother)
Bryan Romalotti aka Rex Sterling (grandfather; deceased)
Gina Roma (aunt)
Christine Blair (godmother)
Paul Williams (godfather)
Summer Newman (half-sister)

Kevin Fisher
Jana Fisher
Katherine Chancellor
Victoria Newman
Lily Winters

Deacon Sharpe
Ryder Callahan
Daisy Carter

Character Biography:

Daniel Romalotti is the impulsive son of Phyllis Newman. He was conceived around the time that Phyllis was obsessed with the rock star, Danny Romalotti. She drugged Danny and told him that he was the father of her baby. Reality was that Brian Hamilton was Daniel’s birth father. Even when it came out that Danny wasn’t Daniel’s father, Danny sued Phyllis for custody of Daniel and won. They left Genoa City and left Phyllis devastated.

Daniel returned years later and connected with Christine Blair, his Godmother. Daniel also became friends with Colleen Carlton and Mackenzie Browning. Daniel had a crush on Mackenzie, but Mac turned him down because of their age difference. Daniel then began conspiring with bad boy, Kevin Fisher. The plan was to make Kevin look like a hero by rescuing Lily Winters from an attacker. The reality of it was that Kevin and Daniel had arranged for Lily to be attacked. Their plan backfired when Lily became ill. Later, Daniel and Lily began dating, despite their parents disapproval.

One night at a party, underage Daniel got drunk. 14 year old Cassie Newman, who had a crush on Daniel, tried driving him home, despite the fact that she didn’t have a license. Cassie crashed the car and later died. Daniel went on the run with Lily. Phyllis, Neil Winters, and Nicholas Newman tracked them down in California. Daniel was convicted of vehicular homicide, until last minute evidence proved that Cassie was driving the car…not Daniel. This prevented Daniel from going to jail. He was placed on probation and expelled from school.

After Lily returned from boarding school, Daniel reunited with her. Daniel even began helping coach Noah Newman’s basketball team. But he was upset to learn that Phyllis was having an affair with Noah’s father, Nicholas…who was also a married man. Daniel and Lily fabricated documents which allowed them to get married quickly in Las Vegas. They returned to Genoa City, determined to make their marriage work.

Soon, Amber Moore stepped into the picture. Amber arrived in town with love and money on her mind. She soon set her sights on Cane Ashby. She befriended Daniel and Kevin. In a short amount of time, Amber’s scheming would cause Daniel and Kevin a lot of trouble. She got Daniel addicted to internet porn, which would be the ultimate end of his job and marriage to Lily.

Daniel admitted his attraction to Amber and the two moved in together. They even got married. But once Amber demanded that Daniel give her children, Daniel realized he wasn’t ready to be a father. Amber moved away and filed for divorce.

Since then, Daniel dated Abby Newman. He was also drugged and raped by Daisy Carter, who became pregnant with his child. Daisy had her baby and left it at a church, who in turn put it on the black market to be adopted by Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman. When the truth came out about Daniel and Daisy being the baby’s parents, Daniel fought to let the baby stay with Billy and Victoria, despite Phyllis’ plans to keep the child herself. Ultimately, Billy and Victoria lost the baby and Phyllis was granted custody.

After his relationship with Abby went south, Daniel became close with Lily again as she was going through a divorce with Cane Ashby. Lily and Daniel began a relationship again and even slept together, but broke up soon after when Lily ultimately chose to return to Cane.

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