Noah Newman

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Noah Newman’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Kevin Schmidt

Actor History: Kevin Schmidt (2008-2010; 2011-2012)
Luke Kleintank (2010-2011)
Hunter Allan (2005-2008)
Chase Ellison (2005)
Blake Woodruff (2004-2005)
McKay Giller (2001-2004)

Occupation: Music Coordinator for Jabot Cosmetics

Resides at: New York

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:

Eden Baldwin


Nicholas Newman (father)
Sharon Newman (mother)
Cassy Newman (half-sister; deceased)
Faith Newman (sister)
Summer Newman (half-sister)
Victor Newman (grandfather)
Nikki Newman (grandmother)
Albert Miller (great-grandfather)
Doris Collins (grandmother)
Matt Miller (great-uncle)
Dr. Casey Reed (great-aunt)
Victoria Newman (aunt)
Adam Newman (half-uncle)
Abby Newman (half-aunt)
Reed Hellstrom (cousin)

Daniel Romalotti
Devon Hamilton
Abby Newman
Adam Newman

Daisy Carter

Young and Restless character biography:

Noah Newman is the son of Nicholas and Sharon Newman. He lost his big sister, Cassie, when she tried to drive a drunk Daniel Romalotti home from a party. She crashed the car, later dying from complications. Young Noah would watch his parents break up in the aftermath of Cassie’s death. He watched as his father began a new life with Phyllis Summers and his mother with Jack Abbott.

Noah grew into a young man that both of his parents could be proud of. He grew close to Eden Baldwin, Michael Baldwin’s half-sister. This caused a riffle between the Baldwin and the Newman families. Noah and Eden were constantly getting into trouble by going to parties, staying out past curfew, secretly seeing each other, and even making love together. In time, Noah’s parents and Eden’s parents came to peace with their relationship.

In February of 2009, Noah and Eden were ice skating on the lake near the Abbott cabin. The ice broke through and Noah fell under. Brad Carlton was driving by and heard Noah’s cries for help. Brad jumped in and saved Noah’s life, but got caught under the ice himself. Brad died a hero.

After Sharon’s divorce to Jack, she would marry Noah’s uncle, Adam. This didn’t bother Noah as much as it did everyone else, as Adam had always treated Noah right. He even saved him once from a burning house. When the mysterious Daisy Carter began causing trouble for Eden and Noah, Eden went off to live in Paris with her aunt. Noah soon followed, after his parents gave their permission for him to go to school there.

Six months later, Noah returned and revealed that he and Eden had broken up and that he was back to stay. Noah began hanging out with Jana Fisher, who had just divorced Kevin Fisher. Noah liked Jana, but Jana still had her heart set on getting Kevin back. Noah would surprise everyone when he revealed that he could not only play guitar but sing very well too. Devon Hamilton told Noah that he could set him up with a chance to record. After they made a demo tape together, Noah got a record deal with Tucker McCall’s record company. He went to New York with Devon to work on recording.

But Noah would return again after his mother Sharon was found guilty of murdering Skye Lockhart. Sharon escaped, with the help of Adam, and took off towards New Mexico. She was mugged by a woman who stole her car. Later, the mugger would be involved in a car accident that would kill her. Burned beyond recognition, people thought that the lady in the car was Sharon. Sharon heard the news of her death and went along with it in order to keep hiding.

Noah remained in town and was given Sharon’s house on the Newman Ranch by Adam. Adam began working overtime to prove that Sharon was innocent in Skye’s murder. There was evidence on a camera flashdrive that Sharon had with her during Skye’s death. But it had been deleted and mixed up with hundreds of other memory cards. Adam began going through each one to find the evidence that would clear Sharon’s name. Noah offered to help him, as he and Adam seemed to be the only two who cared enough about Sharon’s legacy.


Details of What Happened

2009 Noah goes skating at the twin lakes with Eden, where he falls through the ice and Brad saves him

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