Eden Baldwin

200px Jessica Heap As Eden 1998484
Played by: Jessica Heap

Actress History: Jessica Heap (2011-present)
Vanessa Marano (2008-2010)
Erin Sanders (2008)

Occupation: Barista at Crimson Lights

Resides at: Unknown

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:

Noah Newman
Daniel Romalotti

Children: None

Lowell “River” Baldwin (father)
Michael Baldwin (half-brother)
Fenmore Baldwin (nephew)

Lauren Fenmore Baldwin
Noah Newman

Abby Newman
Daisy Carter

Character History:

Eden Baldwin first showed up as the daughter of Lowell “River” Baldwin. She is the half-sister to attorney Michael Baldwin. Michael had found Lowell and they tried to begin a relationship. But when Michael found out that the law was after his father, Lowell went on the run and left Eden with Michael and Lauren. They took Eden in and cared for her as one of their own.

Eden soon began a relationship with Noah Newman. After walking in on them having sex, Noah’s parents and Michael and Lauren were against Noah and Eden’s relationship. They tried to keep them a part but they failed.

Eden and Noah moved to Paris together to finish their schooling. Months later, Noah returned without Eden, claiming that they had split up and he didn’t want to discuss it.

Shortly after, Abby Newman entered a rehab center and was shocked to see Eden. Abby convinced Eden to come back to Genoa City to see Michael and Lauren and confront Noah. She returned and was hired as a barista at Crimson Lights.


Details of What Happened

2008 Eden breaks school and attends a party without asking Michael and/or Lauren.
2009 Eden lies to Michael and Phyllis to get her and Noah to go to the twin lakes to attend a party that doesn’t exist. There Noah falls through the ice.
2010 Moves to Paris with Noah Newman to finish schooling
2011 Returns home

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