Patty Williams

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Played by: Stacy Haiduk

Actress History: Stacy Haiduk (2009-2010; 2011-present)
Andrea Evans (1983-1984)
Lilibet Stern (1980-1982)

Occupation: Unemployed

Resides at: Genoa City

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Jack Abbott (divorced)
2. Jack Abbott (invalid)

Danny Romalotti
Jack Abbott


Carl Williams (father)
Mary Williams (mother)
Father Todd Williams (brother)
Paul Williams (brother)
Steven Williams (brother)
Heather Stevens (niece)
Ricardo “Ricky” Williams (nephew)

Paul Williams
Genevieve Atkinson

Jack Abbott
Victor Newman
Phyllis Newman
Billy Abbott
Ashley Abbott

Character History:

In the 1980’s, young Patty Williams fell in love with Jack Abott, much to her parents disapproval. Jealous of Patty, Jill Fenmore told Patty that she and Jack had been secret lovers. Furious at Jill, Jack fired Jill from Jabot Cosmetics. Patty broke things off with Jack and began dating Danny Romalotti.

Patty and Danny eventually called it quits and became involved with Jack again. Patty’s father tried breaking them up, but Jack retaliated by eloping with Patty. But Patty soon became suspicious of Jack only being interested in her for the sex. Meanwhile, Jack was dating Diane Jenkins behind her back. When a pregnant Patty walked in on Jack and Diane making love in the office of Jabot, she tripped and miscarried. After recovering, Patty told Jack that she forgave him and wanted another child. But later, she overheard him revealing plans to have a vasectomy performed, and that he only married Patty to please his father, John. Patty went over the edge and brought a gun to Jack’s house to kill herself in front of him. Jack admitted to Patty that he had used her and was cruel to her. He begs her to shoot him and not her. Patty fired the gun and shot Jack three times. She temporarily lost her memory of the shooting. Jack survived, but was paralyzed in the hospital for some time.

Patty and Jack divorced and she began dating Danny once again. After Danny became interested in Traci Abbott, Patty left Danny and left town.

25 years later, Patty returned to Genoa City in 2009, under the alias Mary Jane Benson. Victor Newman paid for Patty to undergo plastic surgery to look like her psychiatrist, Emily Peterson, in order to infiltrate Jabot and get close to Jack. Victor’s plan backfired as Patty became unstable and committed a number of illegal acts in her pursuit of Jack. Patty went into hiding after causing Summer Newman to have an allergic reaction to peanuts in an attempt to keep Phyllis Newman away from Jack. While in hiding, Patty took Colleen Carlton hostage. In an effort to escape, Colleen got into a boat and rowed away, only to fall into the water. Victor and Jack cornered Patty in the woods and attempted to save Colleen. Patty shot Victor before being taken to a mental institution. Colleen eventually died.

Emily Peterson arrived in Genoa City to treat Patty. Jack was initially hostile towards her because of her resemblance to Patty, but they eventually fell in love and made plans to marry. When Patty discovered this, she retaliated by knocking Emily out and takes her place at the wedding, leaving Emily in her cell at the mental institution. Patty struggled to keep others from discovering the truth about the switch, but her erratic behavior made Jack and Phyllis suspicious. Jack discoverd the truth after finding Patty’s diary. To keep up the facade, she once again switched places with Emily, right before Jack got to the mental institution. The ruse ultimately failed, and Jack attempted to reunite with Emily.

Victor’s devious son, Adam, was believed to be killed, but it eventually turned out that the man, who burned in a fire was Richard Hightower, who had Adam’s DNA because of a transplant from him. After Adam was the prime suspect in Hightower’s murder case, it’s believed that it was indeed Patty who killed Hightower, believing that he was Adam. She had vivid memories of the night and remembered specific details on how she stabbed Richard. Patty was also responsible for the gas leak at the Masquerade ball and the explosion that occurred right after.

With the help of her diary, Patty realized she didn’t kill Richard Hightower, however, Adam snuck into the mental institution to once again mess with Patty’s mind in making her believe she did kill Richard Hightower and switched notes in her diary while Patty was asleep. When Patty awoke, Adam convinced her he was Hightower and led her out of the mental institution through the vents and sent her off to Canada to become a nun and convinced her to never return to Genoa City.

Later, Patty called Paul saying that she wasn’t going to return to Genoa City and that she loves him. Paul later informed Emily and Jack that she called him and traced the call to somewhere in South America.

A year later, a mystery guest appears outside the Abbott mansion, where Diane Jenkins, who recently returned to town, was trying to seduce Jack. The mysterious person was rumored to be Nikki Newman, as she disappeared from rehab. Diane was murdered only hours later. Months later, someone was texting from the phone of detective Ronan Malloy to confront the suspects in Diane’s murder.

During an explosion at the home of Genevieve Atkinson, her housekeeper Myrna Murdock is found with burns in her face. The woman is later shown with a cat tattoo on her leg. As Jack appears to be good friends with Genevieve, kissing her on the cheek, Myrna appeared upset. Meanwhile, Genevieve felt terrible over what happened to Myrna and promised to take care of her. While having her face bandaged, Jack tried to talk to Myrna, but she wouldn’t answer him. As she later revealed her face to Genevieve, and it’s seen that Myrna was in fact Patty.

It was later revealed that Patty made a film to taunt the 9 suspects in the murder of Diane Jenkins, as well as individually torturing Ashley Abbott and Nikki Newman.

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