Genevieve Atkinson

Genevieve Atkinson Y26R 7832826
Played by: Genie Francis | Photo Gallery

Actress History: Genie Francis (2011-present)

Occupation: Owner of Beauty of Nature

Resides at: McMillan Estate

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Colin Atkinson (divorced)

Colin Atkinson
Jack Abbott

1. Cane Ashby (son with Colin)
2. Caleb Atkinson (son with Colin; deceased)
3. Samantha Atkinson (daughter with Colin; deceased)

Charlie Ashby (grandson)
Matilda Ashby (granddaughter)

Jack Abbott
Gloria Bardwell

Colin Atkinson
Jill Fenmore
Cane Ashby

Character Biography:

Genevieve Atkinson is the mother to Cane Ashby and the former wife of Colin Atkinson. She came to Genoa City to seek revenge on the death of her son, Caleb, and her daughter, Samantha. She worked closely with Cane to take down her ex-husband, Colin. However, it would be Cane that would ultimately take down his father. Working closely with the FBI and the police, Cane was able to set his father up for a fall.

Genevieve began dating Jack Abbott shortly after arriving in town. Once he was put back in charge of Jabot Cosmetics, Jack named her the new Marketing Director.

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