Phillip Chancellor II

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Played by: Donnelly Rhodes


Actor History: Donnelly Rhodes (1974-1975)
John Considine (1973-1974)

Occupation at time of death: CEO of Chancellor Industries

Resided at time of death: Chancellor Estate

Spouse at time of death: Katherine Chancellor

Previous Marriages:
1. Jill Fenmore (invalid)

Katherine Chancellor
Jill Fenmore

1. Phillip Chancellor, III (son with Jill)

Phillip Chancellor (father; deceased)
Phillip “Chance” Chancellor, IV (grandson)

Character History:

In November of 1973, wealthy Phillip Robert Chancellor II first appeared as the husband of Katherine Chancellor, his wife of twelve years. Phillip and Katherine’s marriage was strained due to her bad habits of infidelity, smoking and alcohol addiction. He tried to help Katherine with her problems, but he wound up starting an affair of his own with Katherine’s new paid companion, Jill Fenmore, and the two fell in love. After declaring their love for one another, Phillip made plans to end his marriage to Katherine and to marry Jill.

Later, Phillip and Jill had a child together, and he officially left Katherine to be with Jill. Phillip served Katherine with divorce papers, and then he left for the Dominican Republic where he got the divorce granted before returning to Genoa City.

Katherine picked him up from the airport and gave him a ride home, and she begged him for a second chance. Phillip refused, and an angry Katherine sped up and drove off a cliff in an attempt to kill them both. Phillip survived the crash long enough to marry Jill on his deathbed. Phillip was buried on the Chancellor estate property in the backyard. Jill later gave birth to his son and only child, Phillip Chancellor, III.

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