Gina Roma

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Gina Roma’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Patty Weaver

Actress History: Patty Weaver (1982-2010)
Other Names: Gina Romalotti (birth name)

Occupation: Restaurant Manager at the Genoa City Athletic Club

Resides at: Genoa City Athletic Club

Spouse: Single

Past Marriages:
1. Clint Radison (divorced; deceased)

Jack Abbott
Neil Fenmore (deceased)
Clint Radison (deceased)
Brock Reynolds
John Abbott (deceased)


Brian Romalotti {AKA Rex Sterling} (father; deceased)
Danny Romalotti (brother)
Daniel Romalotti (nephew; via adoption)

Friends: Everyone

Enemies: None

Young and Restless character history

Gina Roma has went from being a con artist to a well-respected person in Genoa City, with the help of her brother, Danny Romalotti. After spending some time in prison for her crimes, Gina opened up Gina’s Restaurant, which became Genoa City’s most popular eating place.

Tragedy struck however in 2003, when Kevin Fisher set the restaurant on fire, after locking Colleen Carlton inside. Colleen was rescued in time, but Gina’s livelihood was gone. Gina soon got back on her feet and took a position as manager at the restaurant at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Meanwhile, Gina’s con artist ex-husband, Clint Radison, got out of prison and came back to Genoa City again plotting to get some of the Chancellor fortune. Gina recognized him in a bar and warned Amber Moore that he was trouble. Clint had again kidnapped the real Katherine Chancellor and when caught ended up taking Kevin Fisher hostage. Kevin flipped out thinking his father had returned from the dead after Clint locked him in a closet. Clint was able to coerce Kevin into robbing a bank for him, but ended up dying of a heart attack in his jubilance over Kevin’s big score.

Gina was last mentioned when the Athletic Club had a gas explosion, as being in the kitchen, but that she got out ok.

Year Details of what happened

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