Hope Adams Wilson

Hope Wilson Y26R 2653967
Hope Adams Wilson’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by: Signy Coleman

Actress History: Signy Coleman (1993-1997; 2000; 2002; 2008; 2010; 2012)
Beth Toussaint (2006)

Occupation at time of death: Farm Owner

Resided at time of death: A Farm in Kansas

Spouse at time of death: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Victor Newman (divorced)
2. Cliff Wilson (widowed)

Victor Newman
Cliff Wilson

1. Adam Newman (son with Victor)




Young and Restless character history:

Hope Adams was born and raised on a farm in Kansas, where years later she would meet business tycoon Victor Newman, after he rescued her from a potential rape. Victor stayed at the farm and a relationship developed between the two, so much they eventually married. Hope moved to Victor’s home in Genoa City, Wisconsin. But she grew dissatisfied with Victor deeply committed in running Newman Enterprises. During this time, Hope was being pursued by a man from Kansas named Cliff Wilson who was extremely jealous of her vast affection for Victor.

Unable to live in Genoa City and Victor’s absence due to running Newman Enterprises, Hope returned to Kansas where she gave birth to her son, Victor Adam Newman Jr. Also, her marriage to Victor had ended in divorce. She then married Cliff, who made it clear to Victor that he would be known as Victor Jr.’s father. Hope ordered Victor to disappear from their son’s life which he did, but was able to see him a few times as a young boy but other than that had no contact with his son. When Hope and Cliff married, Cliff legally adopted Victor Jr. and for the next 27 years, Victor Jr. never knew his father was Victor Newman.

Hope contracted pancreatic cancer and revealed to her son that his father was Victor Newman and begged him to accept Victor as his father and give him a chance. She eventually died from the cancer and Victor Jr moved to Genoa City under the name of Adam Newman.


Details of What Happened

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