Jack Abbott

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Jack Abbott’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Peter Bergman

Actor History: Peter Bergman (1989-present)
Terry Lester (1980-1989)

Occupation: Owner and CEO of Jabot Cosmetics

Resides at: Abbott Mannor

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Patty Williams (divorced)
2. Lindsey Wells (invalid)
3. Nikki Newman (divorced)
4. Luan Volien (deceased)
5. Phyllis Newman (divorced)
6. Sharon Newman (divorced)
7. Patty Williams (invalid)

Luan Volien (deceased)
Gina Roma
Jill Fenmore
Diane Jenkins (deceased)
Patty Williams
Nikki Newman
Ellen Winters
Brittany Norman
Lauren Fenmore Baldwin
Leanna “Love” Randolph
Mari Jo Mason
Phyllis Newman
Carmen Mesta (deceased)
Sharon Newman
Emily Peterson
Skye Lockhart (deceased)
Genevieve Atkinson

1. Keemo Abbott (son with Luan)
2. John Abbott III (son with Nikki; deceased)
3. Kyle Abbott (son with Diane)

John Abbott (father, deceased)
Dina Abbott Mergeron (mother)
Traci Abott (sister)
Ashley Abbott (half-sister)
Billy Abbott (half-brother)
Robert Abbott (grandfather, deceased)
Colleen Carlton (niece; deceased)
Abby Carlton (half-niece)
John Abbott IV (half-nephew)
Robert Carlton (half-nephew; deceased)
Faith Colleen Newman (niece; deceased)

Phyllis Newman
Nicholas Newman
Noah Newman
Daniel Romalotti
Sharon Newman
Jill Fenmore
Katherine Chancellor

Patty Williams
Adam Newman
Genevieve Atkinson
Victor Newman

Young and Restless Character Biography:

Jack Abbott is the son of John Abbott and Dina Mergeron. He is also the sworn enemy of Victor Newman. Jack and Victor have squared off in many struggles over the years, whether it be over business or women. Jack was a player early in his life. He seduced a young Patty Williams after his father urged him to settle down and get married. On the day of Jack and Patty’s wedding, Jack slept with model Diane Jenkins. Patty caught them together and shot Jack three times. After recovering, Jack began to have an affair with his step-mother, Jill Foster. Jack would also briefly marry Lindsey Wells, who had blackmailed him over his affair with Jill.

As Jack and Victor’s feud continued, Victor took control of Jabot Cosmetics, the company that John Abbott had created. Jack got revenge by romancing Nikki and even marrying her. He planned on using her as leverage to regain Jabot, knowing that Victor still cared for her. What Jack didn’t count on though was actually falling in love with Nikki. Nikki became pregnant with Jack’s child, but delivered it prematurely after struggling with Victor. The baby died, and Jack and Nikki divorced. Jack blamed Victor for the loss of his child and their ongoing battle continued. Years later, Jack was able to make peace with the situation when a woman showed up in his office with a young boy who had received the donated heart of Jack and Nikki’s son.

Next, Jack re-connected with his ex-girlfriend, Luan. Luan had been Jack’s love during the war. He discovered that she had given birth to their son many years ago. His name was Keemo and was now a grown man. Keemo had been living as an outcast in Vietnam. Once Keemo came to Genoa City, Jack and Luan married. But their happiness was cut short when Luan suddenly died. Jack was devastated, but soon became distracted when Diane Jenkins returned into his life. Jack and Diane started their relationship back up, but Victor ultimately won again when he convinced Diane to elope with him. But after Victor dumped her, Diane went for revenge. She swiped the specimen of who she believed was Victor and made herself pregnant. She was shocked to learn that the specimen she had stolen was actually Jack’s. Diane continued with the pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby boy, Kyle.

Once Jack learned that Kyle was his son, it caused trouble with his new marriage to Phyllis Summers. Jack was madly in love with Phyllis, but after Phyllis had a miscarriage and a series of battles with Diane, their marriage ultimately ended. But Jack could never truly say goodbye to Phyllis. He continued to support her and still does to this day.

Jack and Victor would soon butt heads again. When Victor was suddenly diagnosed with epilepsy, Jack took advantage of Victor’s confused state of mind and befriended him. Jack tricked him into selling his shares of N.V.P. (the company Victor had formed with Nikki and Phyllis). With Jack having controlling interest in N.V.P., there were frequent battles between Jack and both Nikki and Phyllis. Meanwhile, Jack learned that Phyllis was having an affair with Nicholas Newman and was pregnant with his child. Jack was heart-broken, as he and Phyllis had started patching things up.

When Nick and Phyllis married, Jack found comfort in the arms of Nick’s ex, Sharon Newman. He later asked her to marry him. After a successful run for a political office against Nikki Newman, Jack settled into his newly married life with Sharon. He also became a wonderful step-father to Noah Newman. When a parking garage in Clear Springs collapsed with Jack, Sharon, Nick, and Noah in it, Jack soon realized how much his new family meant to him. Jack almost died, but his rescuer was none other than Victor Newman!

Jack’s next step in life was to partner with Sharon, Phyllis and Nick, to create a new fashion magazine called Restless Style. But soon, Jack’s manipulating would tear the partnership apart.

During the time when Victor was grieving the loss of his wife, Sabrina, Jack schemed with Victor’s son, Adam, to forge a journal that made Victor look responsible for the murder of Walter Palin. Walter was the man responsible for Sabrina’s death. Jack guided Adam and pulled all of the strings, but when the truth came out…Adam took the fall. Sharon became livid after all of Jack’s lies and filed for divorce.

By this time, Victor had remarried Jack’s sister, Ashley. Jack would next become involved with a new lady known as Mary Jane Benson. Little did Jack know that Mary Jane was actually Patty Williams. Victor had hired Patty to come to town to get revenge on Jack. He paid for her to have plastic surgery to reconstruct her face. Patty eventually had a breakdown and went insane. She kidnapped Colleen Carlton, and was responsible for her death. Patty had a gun aimed at Jack and was going to shoot him again, but Victor intervened and received three gun shot wounds himself. Jack respected Victor for taking the bullets for him, but was still furious and blamed Victor for the death of Colleen.

Jack began dating Patty’s doctor, Emily Peterson. They were even engaged, but eventually broke up before they were married.

Nick and Phyllis divorced, after Nick couldn’t get over his feelings for Sharon. Phyllis and Jack reunited once again. This brought Diane Jenkins back to town with Kyle. Diane came to town try and get her life straight with either Jack or Victor. When Jack didn’t show interest, she remarried Victor. Jack was overjoyed to be spending time with Kyle again. He hadn’t seen him in years. He had to take on the responsibility of a full time dad when Diane was brutally murdered. Kyle took it hard but was glad to have his dad to lean on.

Ultimately, Phyllis broke Jack’s heart again when she cheated on him again with Nick. Jack moved on and began dating Genevieve Atkinson. Jack’s next focus was on getting Jabot Cosmetics back to his family, and that’s exactly what he did. Jack partnered with Tucker McCall to go against Katherine Chancellor in court to get Jabot back in Tucker’s hands. Tucker than sold the company to Jack, making him the owner of Jabot once again.

During this time, Patty returned to town working as Genevieve’s housekeeper, Myrna Murdock. Patty was horrified by Jack’s relationship with Genevieve, and worsened when they get engaged. During their wedding planning, Adam Newman decided to put Beauty of Nature up for sale. Jack was outbid by an unknown company called FMN. He was enraged by this but convinced himself to focus on his wedding. It is revealed that FMN was Genevieve’s secret company, and that she bid and won property of Beauty of Nature. Genevieve kept this a secret from Jack, though Nikki would eventually told him, thinking he already knew. On their wedding day, Genevieve realized that she could no longer marry Jack, as she wasn’t loyal to him. She writes him a letter with plans of fleeing town, though Jack never received it as Patty prevented a delivery man from giving it to him. Also Patty stole Genevieve’s wedding dress, and wore it with her face covered and walked down the aisle at Jack’s wedding. As Jack uncovered her face, he assumed it was Emily, and Patty became enraged; she revealed that she was Patty before shooting Jack in the stomach, leaving him paralyzed from the waste down.

Jack broke things off with Genevieve, and most of the Abbott family turned their back on her. They blamed her for keeping the secret of FMN and leaving Jack at the alter. Nikki Newman stepped up and stayed by Jack’s side during most of his stay in the hospital. He began physical therapy to get stronger, but didn’t like the fact that his therapist didn’t believe he would ever walk again. He fired her and hired a tougher therapist who had a history of getting results, known as Sarge.

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