Neil Winters

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Neil Winter’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Kristoff St. John

Actor History: Kristoff St. John (1991-present)

Occupation: CEO of Chancellor Industries

Resides at: 345 Ashland Street, Apt. 321

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Drucilla Winters (divorced; first time)
2. Drucilla Winters (widowed)
3. Karen Taylor (divorced)

Victoria Newman
Drucilla Winters (deceased)
Olivia Winters
Alex Perez
Carmen Mesta (deceased)
Karen Taylor
Tyra Hamilton
Ashley Abbott
Sofia Dupre
Leslie Michaelson

1. Lily Winters (step-daughter with Drucilla; biological niece)
2. Devon Hamilton (son by adoption)
3. Moses Winters (son with Sofia)

Malcolm Winters (half-brother)
Lily Winters (biological niece)
Charlie Ashby (grandson/biological great-nephew)
Matilda Ashby (granddaugter/biological great-niece)

Victor Newman
Michael Baldwin
Nicholas Newman
Sharon Newman
Victoria Newman
Katherine Chancellor

Adam Newman
Malcolm Winters

Young and Restless character history:

For years as the right hand man to Victor Newman, Neil Winters stood tall and prosper as the boardroom battles raged on in Genoa City.

Upon entering Genoa City, Neil fell hard for Dr. Olivia Barber, but he lost her to Nathan Hastings. Neil would soon fall in love with Olivia’s sister, Drucilla. He supported her dance studies and helped save her from a devious photographer. Neil and Dru married in the Chancellor mansion. Their relationship didn’t last long. Drugged up on cold medicine, Dru mistakenly invited Malcolm into her bed, thinking that he was Neil. Dru became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Lily. She was unaware as to who the father was, so she assumed it was Neil’s.

Neil and Dru clashed over her choice to be a model for her career. After Neil learned that Dru was secretly preventing herself from getting pregnant again, the couple split up. Dru and Lily moved to Paris, leaving Neil behind. He would go on to have unsuccessful relationships with Victoria Newman, Alex Perez, and Serena. After his best friend, Ryan McNeil, was murdered and Malcolm was presumed dead, Neil turned to drinking and became an alcoholic. He even left his position at Newman Enterprises. However, when Dru and a now teenage Lily returned to Genoa City, Neil recovered.

Now sober, Neil returned to work for Newman Enterprises, alongside Dru. Neil and Dru united to help Lily, who was seduced by internet predator, Kevin Fisher. Lily grew close to her parents, and was thrilled to see them get married again in Japan.
Next, Neil agreed to take in the foster child, Devon Hamilton. After an accident that had Lily strike Neil with the SUV, Neil needed blood. Lily wanted to donate, but Malcolm insisted that he be the donator, in fear that she might find out that her blood did not match her dads.

Neil recovered and chased after Lily to California, where she had ran away with Daniel Romalotti after he was charged with Cassie Newman’s death. Neil was able to bring Lily home and sent her to boarding school to keep her away from Daniel. When she returned for a visit, Lily and Daniel eloped. After learning that Malcolm was really her father, Lily blackmailed Dru into accepting her marriage with Daniel, or else she would tell Neil.

The truth did come out, when Lily accidentally revealed to Neil that Malcolm was her biological father. Neil was devastated and pushed Dru away. He drifted into an attraction to Carmen Mesta, the new public relations consultant at Newman Enterprises. Carmen and Neil grew closer while Dru was out of town. They eventually shared a kiss. When Dru returned, she was convinced the two were having an affair. She lashed out at Carmen, and even broke into Carmen’s apartment to rip up all of her clothes. Neil was furious. Carmen got a restraining order against Dru and pressed charges. Neil stood by his wife.

Neil and Drucilla found their way back to each other while facing Devon’s near-deadly battle with meningitis, which resulted in him going deaf. When Carmen was found dead, their whole world turned upside down. Almost all of Genoa City were suspects, especially Dru and Neil. They considered leaving town, but Jana Hawkes was finally revealed to be Carmen’s killer…thus clearing Dru’s name. Life settled back down for the Winters’ family. While working on a photo shoot, held on a cliff-side, Dru came to her best friend’s, Sharon, aid when Phyllis Sommers threatened her with extortion over her affair with Brad Carlton. There was a struggle and Dru and Sharon fell over the cliff. Sharon was found alive but Drucilla was never found. Presumed dead, Neil struggled to accept the death of his wife. Lily’s marriage also crumbled, due to Daniel’s addiction to dirty internet sites. With his anger towards Phyllis, Neil became tempted to drink again.

He was finally able to pull himself together and move on with Karen Taylor. They married on New Year’s Eve. They began considering adopting Devon’s sister, Ana, to keep her in the family, but Devon’s aunt Tyra thought that she should be the guardian. Plus, Tyra was greatly attracted to Neil. So attracted, that she even went as far as confessing her love to Neil and kissed him. Karen watched the whole thing from a distance. To get revenge, Karen told Tyra that she would be adopting Ana and Neil had given his blessing. When Neil confronted Karen about provoking Tyra, she told him about witnessing the kiss. Karen ordered that he get his priorities straight, or else lose her. Neil fired Tyra from the Indigo club, but they ended up making love right in the middle of the empty club. Devon walked in and saw them and later confronted Neil. Neil admitted his affair to Karen, who forgave him in order for the adoption of Ana to move forward. But in court, Neil changed his mind and convinced the judge to give Tyra full custody of Ana, because she deserved her. Karen was devastated and accused Neil of only using her to get over Dru’s death. Karen left town, leaving her ring behind. She would return weeks later, to give Neil divorce papers to sign.
Neil realized that he would never go anywhere in Newman Enterprises, due to Victor’s children, and quit his job. He was hired by Katherine Chancellor to be the new CEO of Chancellor Industries.

Devon had a growing attraction to his aunt Tyra, but ignored his feelings. When he found out that Tyra was only his aunt through adoption, Devon and Tyra had an affair. Devon’s girlfriend, Roxanne, walked in on them and broke things off with him. Devon admitted what had happened to Neil. Tyra was feeling guilty and promised to leave town, but agreed to still let Ana come visit.

The Winters’ family would next suffer again when Lily was diagnosed with cancer. She would have to undergo surgery that would prevent her from having any children. During the surgery, the doctors were able to save two of her eggs in order for her to eventually have children. Lily and her new husband, Cane, found Mackenzie Browning to be their surrogate parent. Mackenzie agreed and gave birth to twins, Charlie and Matilda.

After a five year absence, Malcolm showed up out of the blue to support Lily. There was instant tension between Neil and Malcolm. He would become even more upset when Malcolm encouraged Devon to work on his music career, rather than college. Lily was finally in remission and was able to return home to her family and her children.

Months later, Sofia Dupre entered Genoa City as Tucker McCall’s new assistant. Neil instantly disliked her, only to discover that she was Malcolm’s fiance. Sofia did her best to be a part of the Winters’ family. Neil eventually came around to respecting her and liking her personality.

When Sofia admitted to Malcolm that she had helped Cane embezzle money from Tucker, Malcolm was furious that she had been keeping secrets from him. They called off their valentine’s day wedding. Upset and thinking her relationship with Malcolm was over, Sofia turned to Neil and the two had an affair. Afterwards, Malcolm showed up ready to forgive Sofia. Malcolm and Sofia made up and were married a few months later. During their honeymoon, Sofia discovered that she was pregnant. She got Olivia to change the conception date of the baby so that way there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Malcolm was the father. But in reality, Sofia didn’t know who the father was. She finally came clean to Malcolm and told him about her affair with Neil. Upset, Malcolm asked Sofia if he was the baby’s father, to which Sofia didn’t have an answer.

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