Lauren Fenmore Baldwin

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Lauren Fenmore’s Photo Scrapbook Played by Tracey Bregman

Actress History: Tracey E. Bregman (1983-1998; 2000; 2001-present)

Occupation: Co-CEO of Fenmore Department Stores

Resides at: 250 Market Street #632

Spouse: Michael Baldwin (December 9, 2005-present)

Previous Marriages:
1. Paul Williams (divorced)
2. Scott Grainger (widowed)

Danny Romalotti
Brad Carlton (deceased)
Jack Abbott
Ridge Forrester
Eric Forrester
Dr. James Warwick
Jonny Carrera
Dr. Scott Grainger (deceased)
Michael Baldwin
Paul Williams

1. Scotty Grainger (son with Scott)
2. Fenmore Baldwin (son with Michael)

Neal Fenmore (father; deceased)
Joanna Manning (mother)
Jill Fenmore (half-sister)
Dorothy Fenmore (aunt)
Phillip Chancellor III (nephew)
Billy Abbott (nephew)
Ricardo “Ricky” Williams (Godson)

Paul Williams
Nicholas Newman
Katherine Chancellor
Eric Forrester
Amber Moore
Chloe Mitchell

Sheila Carter (deceased)
Stephanie Forrester
Daisy Carter
Ryder Callahan

Young and Restless character biography:

Lauren Fenmore Baldwin has matured quite a bit since her debut in Genoa City. She went from the spoiled manipulative vixen who was the heiress of Fenmore Department Stores, to a loving wife and savvy businesswoman.

After continuously taunting and bullying Traci Abbott for being overweight, and battling for the affections of rock star Danny Romalotti, Lauren fell in love with and married private investigator Paul Williams. While with Paul, she would face two major obstacles…his interfering mother, Mary, and the stalker, Shawn Garrett. Shawn would manipulate Lauren into breaking things off with Paul. Then, Shawn would bury Lauren alive. Paul saved Lauren, but they decided not to re-marry.

After Lauren’s dad, Neal, passed away, she inherited all of his department stores. She would have a short reunion with her mother, Joanna. Lauren and Joanna’s relationship was uneasy to say the least, and Joanna would move back to Europe. Next, Lauren would marry Dr. Scott Grainger. She and Scott split up after he had an affair with the trouble-making nurse, Sheila Carter. Both Sheila and Lauren became pregnant by Scott. Sheila miscarried her baby and stole Lauren’s so that she could pass it off as her own. Lauren named her “son” Dylan and was devastated when he died, not knowing that it wasn’t really hers. When it appeared that Sheila was going to be caught, she kidnapped Lauren and told her the truth. After Sheila presumably died in a fire, Lauren was finally reunited with her real baby.

Lauren re-married Scott in order to regain custody of her son. But trouble found Lauren again when Sheila Carter returned from the dead and revealed that she had proof that Lauren had an affair with Brad Carlton. Lauren didn’t want to jeopardize the custody of baby Scotty. After Scott was diagnosed with a terminal illness, he later died while he and Lauren were on the island of Catalina. Scott’s dying wish was that Lauren give Sheila a second chance. Lauren honored his wish. Lauren moved to Los Angeles where Sheila’s crimes would eventually catch up with her. Lauren became romantic with Eric Forrester.

She would later return to Genoa City to help her friend, Katherine Chancellor’s granddaughter Mackenzie Browning select a prom gown. She began dating Paul Williams again but lost him to Isabella who became pregnant and had his child. When Kevin Fisher began showing interest in her, Lauren gently flirted back, but would ultimately end up with his half-brother, Michael Baldwin.

Lauren’s son, Scotty, returned to Genoa City…now all grown up. He returned in time to see his mother’s wedding to Michael. Unfortunately, Sheila, who had it arranged that a double take her place in prison, kidnapped Lauren with the help of Tom Fisher, Kevin’s dad. Paul managed to rescue Lauren while Sheila was once again presumed dead.

Now happily married to Michael, Lauren gave birth to a baby boy named Fenmore. But it wouldn’t be long until Sheila returned once again, this time looking exactly like Lauren’s best friend, Phyllis Newman. Paul and Michael teamed up to keep her locked up and kept away from Lauren. But Sheila escaped and kidnapped Lauren, Phyllis, and their babies. Sheila terrorized them before Lauren was able to find out who the real Phyllis was and shot Sheila dead. Sheila’s dying words were, “You shot the wrong one, you will never be rid of me”.

Lauren would find her life in jeopardy again when she was trapped in a parking garage in Clear Springs when it collapsed. Even though she was rescued, Lauren continued to suffer from nightmares and anxieties. Michael had a hard time getting her out of the house.

Michael’s brother, Kevin, married Jana Hawkes in an Ashram in Malibu, California. While there, it was revealed that the man performing the ceremony was none other than Gloria’s ex and Michael’s father…Lowell “River” Baldwin! Michael had a hard time accepting the information and Lauren hoped that he would soon bond with his father. River showed up in Genoa City and Michael encouraged him to confess to the crimes that he had committed a long time ago. Gloria was currently married Jeffrey Bardwell, but still had feelings for River. Michael would also learn that he had a half-sister, named Eden. River would leave town and left Eden with Michael and Lauren. Eden was a handful for Michael and Lauren to care for. She began a relationship with Noah Newman which both Noah’s parents and Michael and Lauren disapproved of, especially when they were caught having making love on the couch.

In 2008, Traci Abbott Connolly returned to Genoa City and made peace with Lauren. Lauren apologized and said she regretted all of the things she did to Traci when they were younger.

Later in 2009, Michael began representing Daniel Romalotti when he was set up for murder. It was revealed that Deacon Sharpe, and Daisy and Ryder Callahan had plotted against Daniel. Daisy had conned her way into living with Michael and Lauren and even set it up so Eden would move away to Paris. The truth would come out when Jana began digging into Daisy and Ryder’s past. She discovered that Daisy and Ryder were not only twins…but they were the children of Sheila Carter and Tom Fisher! Daisy and Ryder kidnapped Jana and Lauren, following the orders of the aunt, Sarah Smythe…sister to Sheila. Sarah had plastic surgery done to look just like Lauren. She was also just as evil as Sheila, and held Lauren and Jana for days…which would cause Jana to have a brain aneurysm.

Lauren was finally able to escape where she shot and killed Sarah. Daisy and Ryder took off. Before she left, Daisy had drugged and raped Daniel Romalotti and became pregnant with his child. She returned to Genoa City and was arrested. She convinced Phyllis Newman to let her live with her on house arrest so that she wouldn’t have the baby in jail. Daisy escaped and knocked out Daniel. She gave birth to a baby girl and left it at a church…which would put it for sale on the black market. Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman would buy the baby and name her Lucy, because of her red hair.

After Liz Foster passed away, her son Snapper told Jill Foster that her real father was a very young Neal Fenmore who had gotten a girl pregnant. Neal’s family refused to let him marry the girl, so the girl abandoned the baby and committed suicide. This would mean that Lauren was no longer an only child…Jill Foster was now her sister! Jill and Lauren battled it out instantly. After a DNA test proved that Jill was related to Lauren, a judge ordered that Jill become Co-CEO of Fenmore Department Stores. Shortly after, Lauren was able to make peace with Jill.

Ryder also returned and turned himself in. Jana felt sorry for him and the two struck a friendship that eventually turn into feelings for each other. When the cops discovered that Ryder had been stealing, he and Jana left town together. But she returned without him and tried to win Kevin back. She knew she could do that if she found Kevin’s niece, Lucy. She was surprised to discover that the baby had been right under her nose the whole time, with Billy and Victoria.

Jana kidnapped the baby and talked Kevin into meeting her where she told him that Lucy was his niece. Kevin convinced Jana to leave the baby and run off with him and start their own family. Jana agreed but soon realized Kevin had tricked her and locked him in a closet, knowing his fear of small spaces. Chloe, Kevin’s current girlfriend, tracked them down and struggled with Jana over a gun. During the struggle, Jana suffered another brain aneurysm and died. Kevin and Chloe were blamed until evidence proved other wise.

Phyllis stirred up trouble when she found out that Lucy was actually her granddaughter. She demanded that Daniel file for custody, but when he signed over his parental rights to Billy and Victoria, Phyllis took them to court. Lauren was afraid that this would bring Daisy back to town. And that’s exactly what happened after Phyllis wrote a blog taunting Daisy to come back for her child. Lauren became furious and she and Michael cut ties with Phyllis.

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