Victor Newman

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Victor Newman’s Photo Scrapbook| Played by Eric Braeden

Actor History: Eric Braeden (1980-present)

Occupation: Chairman of the Board of Newman Enterprises

Resides at: Newman Ranch

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Julia Newman (divorced; 1979-1981)
2. Nikki Newman (divorced; 1984-1988)
3. Leanne Randolph Love (invalid; 1989)
4. Ashley Abbott (divorced; 1990-1993)
5. Hope Adams (divorced; 1995-1996)
6. Diane Jenkins (divorced; 1997-1999)
7. Nikki Newman (invalid; 1998)
8. Nikki Newman (divorced; 2002-2008)
9. Sabrina Costelana (widowed; 2008)
10. Ashley Abbott (divorced; 2009-2010)
11. Meggie McLaine (invalid; 2010)
12. Diane Jenkins (annulled; 2011)
13. Sharon Newman (annulled; 2012)

Eve Howard
Nikki Newman
Ashley Abbott
Lauralee Brooks
Jill Fenmore
Diane Jenkins
Hope Adams
Cassandra Rawlins (deceased)
Ramona Caceres
Sabrina Costelana
Meggie McClaine

1. Victoria Newman (daughter with Nikki)
2. Nicholas Newman (son with Nikki)
3. Victor “Adam” Newman (son with Hope)
4. Abby Newman (daughter with Ashley)
5. Faith Colleen Newman (daughter with Ashley; deceased)

Albert Miller (father; deceased)
Cora Miller (mother; deceased)
Matt Miller (brother)
Cassie Newman (granddaughter; via adoption, deceased)
Noah Newman (grandson)
Summer Newman (granddaughter)
Faith Newman (granddaughter)
Eve Howard (granddaughter; deceased)
Reed Hellstrom (grandson)
Lucy Abbott (granddaughter; via adoption)

Katherine Chancellor
Neil Winters
Michael Baldwin
Ashley Abbott

Jack Abbott
Adam Newman
Tucker McCall

Young and Restless character biography:

Victor Newman was born Christian Miller and had to survive being left in an orphanage at the young age of 7 by his mother. He went on to become one of the world’s richest and most powerful business men in the world. When his mom didn’t return to pick him up like she had promised him, young Christian was devastated. He ran away from the orphanage to begin his new life and changed his name to Victor Newman because he was indeed a victorious “new man”. Victor went on the be a loving and protective family man, but if he gets crossed he will turn on anyone and be ruthless, even to family.

Victor first showed how heartless he could be when he imprisoned Michael Scott in his basement after finding out that he had been sleeping with Victor’s wife, Julia. Pregnant, Julia freed Michael, but lost her baby during an argument with Victor. The child turned out to be Victor’s.

Next, Victor would be the woman who would ultimately be the love of his life, Nikki Reed. Nikki was working as stripper at the Bayou. Victor found her and picked her up and help raise her to become a new woman. Nikki gave birth to Victor’s daughter, Victoria, and the couple married. Nikki attempted to reunite Victor with his mother, after learning that she was dying. Furious at first, Victor was able to make peace with his mother before she died.

The greatest threat to Victor and Nikki’s relationship is Ashley Abbott. Victor fell in love with Ashley, but was devastated to learn that Ashley had aborted their baby so that he would stay with Nikki, who everyone thought was dying. Victor and Nikki later divorced. Victor briefly married Leanna Randolph but had it annulled after finding out that Nikki had given her information about Ashley’s abortion so that she could write about it.

Victor’s ultimate rival has always been Jack Abbott, Ashley’s brother. The two have gone against each other many times and fought for the love of many women over the years. Victor would often emerge the winner of their battles.

After thinking he had died, Victor escaped to Kansas to begin a new life with blind farmer, Hope Adams. Victor returned to Genoa City and shocked everyone. Nikki was devastated to learn that Victor had married Hope. Hope gave birth to Victor’s son, Victor Jr. Not wanting to live the business life in Genoa City, Hope divorced Victor and took Victor Jr. back to Kansas with her. Victor next married Diane Jenkins, Jack’s ex-fiancee. When he thought Nikki was dying again, Victor divorced Diane and quickly married Nikki again. Diane made it so that her divorce to Victor was not finalized, which made his marriage to Nikki invalid. Diane eventually agreed to divorce, but not until after she got millions from a settlement.

Victor and Nikki legally remarried, but he ran into legal trouble when he rigged a competition between Newman Enterprises and Jabot Cosmetics. Victor was convicted of commercial bribery and spent a year on probation doing community service.

Victor learned that he was a father for a fourth time when Abby Carlton told him that he was her biological dad. Victor was stunned to find out that Ashley had stolen his specimen and had given birth to his daughter. Victor received a visit from his brother, Matt, who told him that their father was very ill and in a hospital. Victor confronted his father and blasted him for walking out on his family.

Victor hired his son, Nicholas, to run Newman Enterprises and stepped away from the company. But when he learned that Nick had an affair with Phyllis Summers, after the death of Nick’s daughter Cassie, and that Victoria was about to marry Brad Carlton, Victor returned and took back control of his company.

A head injury suffered while rescuing Nikki from a carjacking, caused Victor to become epileptic. Victor developed a more laid back personality, and soon began having seizures. He suddenly began a strange friendship with Jack Abbott. Victor’s family feared when Jack began using Victor to his advantage. After suffering from visions, Victor left town to seek treatment for his epilepsy. After having brain surgery, Victor returned to Genoa City and appeared to be in good health.

When the Newman jet went down and Nicholas was thought to be dead, Victor pulled away from Nikki. He disapproved of Nikki’s decision to run for a seat in the Senate. By the time Nick was found to be alive, Nikki had been driven into the arms of her campaign manager, David Chow. Victor and Nikki divorced.

Victoria’s best friend, Sabrina, came to town for a visit and instantly fell in love with Victor. The two bonded over their love of art. Victoria was outraged about them beginning a relationship. But Victor went forward with it and proposed to Sabrina. Shortly after their wedding, Sabrina became pregnant. But their union was short-lived when the mob ordered a hit on David and tragically killed Sabrina, her unborn child, as well as David. Victor blamed Nikki for his loss and took off to Mexico to get revenge on the mobster who killed his wife. Victor was presumed dead when the boat that he and the mobster were on crashed and went down. Nikki went looking for him and found him alive, but he quickly turned her away and told her to leave him alone forever!

When Victor Jr. returned to town, under the name of Adam Newman. While Victor was away in Mexico, Adam took control of Newman Enterprises and began to ruin the company and going against Victor’s wishes. When Victor returned, he was outraged at Adam and quickly fired him. Wanting revenge, Adam teamed up with Jack Abbott and took advantage of Victor’s trip to Mexico to frame him for the mobster’s murder. They forged a journal that they swore was Victor’s confession to murder. Victor flew to France and had no idea of what they were doing. Nikki went to Ashley and convinced her that she was the only one who could get through to Victor. Ashley flew to Paris and found Victor. She was able to comfort him and convinced him to return home to take a stand against Adam and Jack. Adam was soon arrested and Jack stayed low on everyone’s radar. Victor and Ashley married and Abby returned home from boarding school. Shortly after, Brad Carlton’s death would cause a ripple throughout Genoa City and Abby began acting out.

Adam was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but Victor was eventually guilted by his memories of Hope and began visiting him. Adam began plotting a way to get out of prison. Adam made it appear as if he was losing is sight, and Victor arranged for a specialist to run some tests.

When Victor visited Adam next, he found him beaten to a pulp. Ashley begged Victor to get Adam out of prison. Victor was finally convinced and had the DA release Adam into his custody under house arrest. Adam began to stop eating and exercising in order to lose weight so that he could remove his ankle monitor.

All the while, Adam was gaslighting Ashley into thinking that the ghost of Sabrina was haunting her. He even went as far as dressing up as Sabrina to scare her. Ashley fell down the stairs and lost the baby that she was carrying. Adam freaked out, and was able to convince Ashley that she was still pregnant. He hired Dr. Taylor to take care of Ashley. He began blackmailing the doctor to help convince Ashley that her baby was still alive.

Victor next hired Patty Williams, Jack’s ex-wife, and paid for her to have surgery on her face to hide her appearance. She changed her identity to Mary Jane Benson and agreed to help Victor take down Jack. But when Mary Jane began to crack and it was revealed that she was Patty Williams, everything spun out of control. Patty poisoned Nick’s daughter, Summer, and kidnapped Colleen Carlton. Jack and Victor rushed to the lake near the Abbott cabin to rescue Colleen, but it was too late. Colleen had fallen overboard in the boat had too much water in her lungs. Patty shot Victor 3 times in the heart. Patty was arrested and taken to a mental institution. Colleen was only being kept alive by life support, and the Abbotts agreed to give her heart to Victor, who was now in desperate need of a heart transplant.

Meanwhile, Ashley was checked into a mental hospital after dealing with the “ghost of Sabrina”. This was also the same hospital that a very pregnant Sharon Newman had checked herself into. Ironically, Sharon and Ashley went into labor at the same time. Ashley went into hysterical labor, and Adam ordered Dr. Taylor to deliver Sharon’s baby and tell her that they baby had died so that he could give the child to Ashley. Sharon was devastated when she thought her baby had died.

Adam’s attorney, Rafe, began suspecting Adam of gaslighting Ashley and confronted him on it. Knowing that Rafe was gay, Adam came on to Rafe and the two had a sexual encounter. Adam hoped that Rafe would keep quiet about his suspicions. But ultimately, all of Adam’s lies would catch up to him. Phyllis began hunting for the truth and discovered that Sharon’s baby was still alive. She then began investigating Dr. Taylor. Dr. Taylor was ready to confess the whole truth to Sharon and Ashley, but Adam confronted him first and pushed him into a street of traffic, and he was killed. But Dr. Taylor had written a note before his death and was still able to reveal the truth. Ashley was devastated to learn that her baby had died, but Sharon was thrilled to have her baby back.

Adam faked his death in order to escape punishment. But Victor, Jack, and Sharon were able to track him down and return him to Genoa City, where he went back to prison until he was able to get off thanks to his new lawyer, Vance Abrams.

Next, Victor was struck with a lawsuit by his daughter, Victoria. Victoria hired Vance Abrams to sue Victor for Beauty of Nature. Abby and Nick would soon join later for mismanagement of their trust funds. Victor lost, but decided to take Newman Enterprises public before Victoria could gain control of Beauty of Nature. Victor was pushing everyone away and tearing himself away from his family. Nikki tried reaching out to Victor and was able to get through to him. Victor slowly began speaking to his children again, and soon fell back in love with Nikki. Victor and Nikki planned to marry again, but their happiness was short-lived.

Deacon Sharpe partnered up with Meggie McClain, Nikki’s new assistant, to destroy the happy couple. Meggie wanted to marry Victor for his money, while Deacon wanted to be with Nikki. Meggie helped Deacon set up Nikki to have begin drinking again and make it look as if she and Deacon and slept together. Victor walked in on them and was furious. He called off the wedding. Victor soon found out that Meggie was involved, but went along with her plan to marry him. She poisoned him and married him on the Newman jet, but once returning home, Meggie tried to kill Victor. Victor stood up strong and revealed that he had been playing her and that she was going to jail. Meggie was arrested and sent to jail, while Victor sent Nikki to rehab for her drinking. Deacon entered rehab himself and fell in love with Nikki. They began dating, despite Victor’s disgust.

When Diane Jenkins returned to town and was involved with Nick, Victor became jealous and quickly married Diane so that Nick would stay away. But their marriage wouldn’t last long, as it was strictly a business agreement. Victor and Diane shortly divorced. Diane started scheming with Adam to get revenge on Victor.

When Nikki found out that Deacon had been working with Meggie, she broke up with him and never wanted to see him again. Deacon fought it and continued to try to apologize to Nikki, which she eventually accepted. Deacon moved on and continued to tend bar at Gloria Bardwell’s “GloWorm” club.

Victor and Nikki started to become friendly again, but he found out that she was still drinking and flew her away to a special rehab center out of state.

Months earlier, Victor shocked everyone that Newman Enterprises would go public. The day of the IPO, Diane and Adam created a scheme that would make it seem as if Victor died, and stock prices fell. Diane was later found dead in a lake, murdered. Victor was a suspect however wasn’t charged. When Nikki returned from rehab, she told Victor that she killed Diane despite fuzzy memories about the night. Victor, wanting to protect her told the police that he murdered Diane and Adam said he witnessed it. While in prison, Victor proposed and married Sharon, who supported him greatly while he was in jail. It turned out that Nikki did in fact kill Diane in self defense and thus all charges against all former suspects in Diane’s death were dropped.

With Adam currently CEO of Newman Enterprises he wanted to sell Beauty of Nature but this failed when Victor gave Sharon his proxy and had her vote against it. Victor then told her to vote in favor of selling in order to trap Adam for insider trading but Sharon at the last minute realized Victor’s plan and informed Adam. Adam and Sharon started their romance again and Victor had his marriage to Sharon annulled. Beauty of Nature was sold to a company named FMN which was revealed to be owned by Genevieve Atkinson. Victor tried to buy it back from FMN but she refused. Victor followed Genevieve to Paris where he is attempting to get it back.

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