Christine Blair Williams

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Christine Blair WIlliams Photo Scrapbook | Played by Lauralee Bell
Lauralee Bell Photos

Marriages: Danny Romalati and Paul Williams
was the first teen cover girl for Jabot

Friends: Nina, once married to paul williams, and danny

Enemies: phyllis newman,

Her reputation in town: lawyer

Most memorable scenes: when she loses her virginity by date rape, she is sexually harrassed by Michael Badwin, when she finds out that her new boyfriend is her half brother, when she finds out her mom is dying of AIDS, marrying Paul

Unforgettable lines:

Defining episodes: Her being saved by Paul Williams from Michael Baldwin

Young and Restless character history:

Year Details of what happened
Can’t remember the year but Christine and Danny were teens when they tried to help a pregnant teen by the name of Nina. In the end Nina’s was forced into an early delivery and her baby stolen for the black market. Christine and Danny got there minutes to late to save the baby from being stolen but just in time to get Nina to a hospital.

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