Abby Newman

Melissa Ordway As Abby Newman 3953131
Abby’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by: Marcy Rylan

Actress History: Marcy Rylan (2010-present)
Haley Erin (2008-2010)
Darcy Rose Byrnes (2003-2008)
Amanda and Rachel Pace (2003)
Madison and Morgan Reinherz (2000-2003)

Occupation: Unemployed

Resides at: 1185 Cottage Grove Road

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages: None

Daniel Romalotti

Children: None

Victor Newman (biological father)
Ashley Abbott (mother)
Brad Carlton (custodial father; deceased)
Adam Newman (half-brother)
Nicholas Newman (half-brother)
Victoria Newman (half-sister)
Colleen Carlton (half-sister; deceased)
Traci Abbott Connolly (aunt)
Jack Abbott (uncle)
Billy Abbott (uncle)
John Abbott (grandfather; deceased)
Noah Newman (nephew)
Reed Helstrom (nephew)
Faith Newman (niece)
Keemo Abbott (cousin)
Kyle Abbott (cousin)

Noah Newman
Daniel Romalotti
Devon Hamilton

Eden Baldwin
Ryder Callahan
Daisy Carter

Character Biography:

Feisty Abby Newman is the child her mother, Ashley Abbott, had always wanted. Ashley stole Victor Newman’s sperm to have herself artificially inseminated to become pregnant with Abby.

Abby grew up thinking that Brad Carlton was her father, but would eventually learn the truth that Victor was her biological father. Unfortunately, Abby suffered great tragedy when Brad was killed while saving the life of Noah Newman. She also lost Brad’s daughter, Colleen, later that year. She began acting out and getting into trouble.

As she grew older, Abby continued to be resilient and spiteful. She dubbed herself “The Naked Heiress” and would often strip in front of large crowds in order to get attention. After a long and unsuccessful relationship with Daniel Romalotti, Abby began to realize that not everything was about being famous.


Details of What Happened

2000 Abby is born
2005 Moves away with her mother
2009 Her adopted father, Brad Carlton, is killed
2010 Started her own reality show
2011 Sued her father for mismanagement of her trust

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