Y&R Family Trees

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Track the history of Y&R Families

Create a family tree for the families of Young and the Restless:

  • The Abbotts
  • The Newmans
  • The Fenmores
  • The Winters
  • The Chancellors
  • The Baldwins
  • The Brooks
  • The Williams

Do you want to put another family on this list? Click “Add a new page” from the toolbox at right.

Family tree key codes

To keep the evolution of a family clear, it’s helpful to use familiar and consistent labels when you’re adding information to these pages. For example:

m. = married
r = rape
c. = child
a. = affair
s = artificially inseminated

If you need to add additional codes for other situations (murder, rape, for example), do so here.

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