Adrian Korbel

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Adrian Korbel’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Eyal Podell

Actor History: Eyal Podell (2006-2008)

Occupation: Unknown

Resides at: Maine

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:

Amber Moore
Colleen Carlton (deceased)



Victoria Newman
Heather Stevens
Lily Winters

Brad Carlton (deceased)
Jana Hawkes (deceased)
Kevin Fisher

Young and Restless character history

Adrian Korbel first came into town as Colleen Carlton’s university professor. They immediately got off on the wrong foot. However, while stuck together during an ice storm, he and Colleen made love. Brad, Colleen’s father, didn’t trust Adrian and had J.T. Hellstrom investigate him.

Adrian also began a relationship with Amber Moore, who first showed up in Genoa City as a singer at the Indigo club. Adrian broke things off with Amber after he found out that Colleen and J.T. had split up.

Colleen and Adrian continued their affair. However, they were often torn between their feelings for each other and the need to do the right thing as a teacher/student. They tried breaking up several times, but kept coming back to each other.

After a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, Colleen discovered incriminating evidence in Adrian’s apartment linking him to Jana Hawkes’ disappearance and the murder of Carmen Mesta. She rushed out of his apartment and was kidnapped. Adrian then came under the watch of the police.

It would turn out that Jana was the one who had kidnapped Colleen and had been trying to frame Adrian. She locked Colleen in a freezer along with her own boyfriend, Kevin Fisher, intending for Kevin to take the blame. J.T. and Adrian worked together to figure out where they were and rescued them just in time.

Later, the dean of the college university found out about Colleen and Adrian’s relationship. Colleen wanted Adrian to lie about their relationship, but Adrian refused because of what could happen. But Adrian finally gave in and lied to the dean. Afterwards, Adrian and Colleen continued their relationship, now making it a “secret”.

Next, Adrian was offered a job at a museum in Paris. He asked Colleen to move with him, to which she agreed. But Brad interfered and donated a painting to the museum in exchange for them not hiring Adrian.

Months later, Colleen began helping Kevin Fisher locate Jana. Adrian wanted Colleen to stay far away from Kevin and his scheme, which resulted in constant arguments between them. After they were able to capture Jana, Colleen left town for a while to visit her mother, Tracey. Once she returned, she and Adrian forgave each other and continued their relationship once again. But once it was revealed that Jana’s behavior was caused by a brain tumor, Kevin and Colleen stood by her side, which made Adrian furious.

Adria began writing a book about Colleen’s grandmother’s heroic efforts in WW2. He asked her to move in with him so she could help him and they could be closer together.

Constant arguments about Kevin and Jana caused Adrian and Colleen to break up. Adrian reconnected with Amber and slept with her while Daniel was away with his father. Adrian next took a job at Restless Style magazine as a writer. His first article was on Sabrina Newman, but he was unaware that Jack Abbott would change the content of his article in the benefit of enlarging the sales of the magazine. Adrian was disappointed when his piece on Sabrina had been turned into just another tabloid piece. He decided to leave town for good and moved to Maine.

The next year, Colleen Carlton was killed after drowning while trying to escape from Patty Williams. Adrian was unable to attend the funeral but called Tracey and sent his condolences to the family.

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