Cassie Newman

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Played by: Camryn Grimes | Photo Gallery


Actress History: Camryn Grimes (1997-2004; 2004-2005; 2009; 2010)

Occupation at time of death: Freshman at Walnut Grove Academy

Resided at time of death: Newman Ranch 421 Larkspur Trail Highway B

Spouse at time of death: Single

Previous Marriages:



Relatives: Frank Barritt (biological father)
Sharon Newman (biological mother)
Nicholas Newman (father; via adoption)
Alice Johnson (mother; via adoption)
Noah Newman (half-brother)
Faith Newman (half-sister)
Doris Collins (grandmother)
Victor Newman (grandfather; via adoption)
Nikki Newman (grandmother; via adoption)
Millie Johnson (grandmother; via adoption)
Albert Miller (great-grandfather; via adoption)
Cora Miller (great-grandmother; via adoption, deceased)
Nick Reed (great-grandfather; via adoption, deceased)
Matt Miller (great-uncle; via adoption)
Dr. Casey Reed (great aunt; via adoption)
Victoria Newman (aunt; via adoption)
Adam Newman (uncle; via adoption)
Abby Carlton (aunt; via adoption)
Eve Howard (niece; via adoption, deceased)
Reed Hellstrom (cousin; via adoption)

Lily Winters
Daniel Romalotti
Devon Hamilton
Mackenzie Browning.


Young and Restless character history:

Cassie Newman was the young daughter of Sharon Newman and Frank Barritt. Sharon gave Cassie up for adoption at birth, as Sharon was only 16 years old at the time. Six years later, Sharon’s friend, Grace, decided to track Cassie down. Cassie had been adopted by a woman named Alice Johnson, but had abandoned her. Grace decided to raise Cassie after finding her. Sharon would meet her daughter, but not be aware of who she really was. Finally, Grace told Sharon that Cassie was her daughter, and the mother and daughter reunited. She was even adopted by Sharon’s husband, Nick Newman.

In 2005, Cassie turned fourteen and quickly developed a crush on Daniel Romalotti. One night, Cassie sneaked out to a party and found Daniel passed out drunk. She helped Daniel into the back of his car and decided to drive him home herself, despite being underage without a license. The car crashed, resulting in fatal injuries to Cassie and smaller injuries to Daniel. They were taken to the hospital where everybody assumed that Daniel had been driving. Cassie finally admitted to Nick that she had been driving, not Daniel, before finally dying in the hospital bed with her parents at her side.

After her death, Cassie has appeared multiple times to Nick and Sharon as a spirit. She even told Nick that he and Sharon would have another daughter. Years later, her revelation came true…as Nick and Sharon gave birth to baby Faith.


Details of What Happened

Cassie, what a sweet precious innocent little girl.
Why did they have to kill her off???
Sharon, Cassie & Grace

Sharon, Nick, Alice or Grace & Cassie

Raul, Mrs. C, & Cassie Cassie & Nate

Cassie wins the Golden Globe Award.
And then they killed her off!!! :-[
Cassie with teen cast
Cassie’s last days.. :’-{

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