Matt Clark

Played by: Rick Hearst


Actor History: Rick Hearst (2000-2001)
Russell Lawrence (2000)
Eddie Cibrian (1994-1996)

Occupation at time of death: Worked at Crimson Lights

Resided at time of death: Apartment in Genoa City

Spouse at time of death: Single

Previous Marriages:

Sharon Newman
Amy Wilson
Tricia Dennison



Character History:

Matt Clark dated Sharon Newman and acted as an adversary to Nicholas Newman while in high school. He raped Sharon as well as Amy Wilson, and allowed Nick to take the blame after Amy shot him. Afterward, Matt fled from Genoa City, only to return years later with a new face constructed by plastic surgery. He sought revenge against his old enemies by framing Nick for a crime he did not commit, and he planned to rape Sharon again. His unwitting accomplice, Tricia Dennison, turned on Matt after realizing he had drugged and raped her and purposely crashed a car they were in, putting Matt in the hospital. Matt killed himself and framed Nick for it. Nick was later found innocent.

For sometime afterward, Matt appeared as a figment of Tricia’s imagination until she was finally institutionalized after shooting and killing her ex-husband, Ryan McNeil.

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