Blade Bladeson

Tylo Michael 5603094
Played by: Michael Tylo


Actor History: Michael Tylo (1993-1995)

Occupation at time of death: Photographer for Jabot Cosmetics

Resided at: Unknown

Spouse at time of death: Ashley Abbott

Previous Marriages:

Jill Fenmore
Marilyn Mason
Ashley Abbott

Children: None

Richard Bladeson (brother)

Young and Restless character history:

A mystery man showed up in Genoa City calling himself Blade and went to work for Jabot Cosmetics as their photographer. Blade soon caught the eye of Ashley Abbott. They began dating but Blade would not open up to her about his past. Their love blossomed and Ashley married Blade.

Later on, an old lover from Blade’s past arrived, Mari Jo Mason. Mason was working as the head of Jabot’s art department, thus making her working directly with Ashley. Mari Jo was still in love with Blade but Blade would never forgive her for sleeping with his brother, Richard.

Richard came to town and got involved with Mari Jo. Ashley, knowing nothing of a twin, thought that Blade was cheating on her. Ashley confronted Blade with the facts, which he could not deny without revealing his twin brother.

Mari Jo soon fell in love with Ashley’s brother, Jack. It didn’t take long for Jack and Mari Jo to become engaged, but Jack broke it off after he found out about her involvement with Ashley and Blade. Jack would be reunited with his Vietnam sweetheart, Luan Volien. Mari Jo was determined to break them up and followed them on their trip to St. Thomas. Coincidentally, Blade and Ashley were also there trying to restore their marriage.

Richard captured Blade and imprisoned him, while he impersonated Blade as Ashley’s husband. Ashley was impressed with the new change in Blade. Mari Jo realized that Blade was really Richard. Not long after the real Blade escaped, he confronted Richard and forced him to leave town.

Blade was sadly killed when his car was hit by a train. Richard finally revealed himself to Ashley, but she threw him out and went to Paris to escape the grief. Mari Jo and Jill Fenmore made sure Richard left town.


Details of What Happened

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