Brad Carlton

Don Diamont As Brad 1779834
Brad Carlton Photo Scrapbook | Played by Don Diamont


Actor History: Don Diamont (1985-1996; 1998-2009)
Russell Todd (1993; temporary replacement)

Birth Name: George Kaplan

Occupation at the time of death: Unemployed

Resided at time of death: Former Rawlins Mansion

Spouse at time of death: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Lisa Mansfield (annulled)
2. Traci Abbott (divorced; first time)
3. Cassandra Rawlins (widowed)
4. Traci Abbott (divorced; second time)
5. Ashley Abbott (divorced)
6. Victoria Newman (divorced)

Traci Abbott
Lauren Fenmore Baldwin
Ashley Abbott
Nikki Newman
Jill Fenmore
Diane Jenkins
Olivia Winters
Victoria Newman
Sharon Newman

1. Colleen Carlton (daughter with Traci; deceased)
2. Abby Newman (daughter of Ashley & Victor, Brad’s via adoption)
3. Robert Carlton (son with Ashley; deceased)

Rebecca Kaplan (mother)
Arturo (Arthur) Kaplan (father; deceased)
Stephanie Kaplan (sister; deceased)

Sharon Newman
Victoria Newman
Ashley Abbott
Traci Abbott

Phyllis Newman
Nicholas Newman
Jack Abbott

Character History:

A man’s man and a girl’s dream, Brad Carlton was successful, romantic, and a sneaky snake in the grass. He would often play the “white knight” to Sharon Newman, Nikki Newman, Traci Abbott and Ashley Abbott. Brad had no problem doing whatever it takes to get what he wanted and to ensure that he landed on his feet, even if it mean backstabbing people. Brad sadly lost his life while he was saving Noah Newman.

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