Deacon Sharpe

Sean K. As Deacon Sharpe 9680520
Played by: Sean Kanan | Photo Gallery

Actor History: Sean Kanan (2000-2005; 2009-2012)

Occupation: Bartender

Resides at: Silver Star Hotel

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:
1. Bridget Forrester (divorced)
2. Macy Alexander (deceased)
3. Nikki Newman (annulled)

Rebecca Moore
Carmen Arena (deceased)
Bridget Forrester
Macy Alexander (deceased)
Brooke Logan
Amber Moore
April Knight
Jacqueline Marone
Victoria Newman
Nikki Newman
Diane Jenkins (deceased)

1. Hope Logan (daughter with Brooke)
2. Eric “Little D” Forrester III (son with Becky)

Daryl Sharpe (father)

Character History:

Deacon Sharpe first showed up in Genoa City as an art dealer who was involved in stolen paintings and framed Daniel Romalotti for murder. But Deacon’s long troubled past begins long before his move to Genoa City. We first met Deacon in Los Angeles when he was revealed to be the father of Little Eric. Rick Forrester tracked Deacon down and offered him $100,000 for full custody of Little Eric. After things went south between Deacon and the Forresters, Deacon took his son to live with him and his girlfriend, Carmen.

Deacon soon became very attracted to Amber Moore. They had a long on-again/off-again relationship. After becoming an alcoholic and going on a downward spiral, Deacon left Los Angeles and wasn’t heard from for four years.

In 2009, Deacon showed up in Genoa City, claiming to be an Art Entrepreneur, but was actually working for Sarah Carter, and was behind the manipulation of Daniel Romalotti to forge the painting supposedly to help the FBI. When it turned out that it wasn’t for the FBI, Daniel was arrested for duplicating copyrighted art.

It didn’t take long for Deacon to set his sights on Daniel’s wife, Amber Moore! Deacon conned Amber into having sex with him.

Victoria and Deacon closed an art deal with champagne in his suite, and were getting cozy when Amber interrupted. Victoria left before it went any further. But within days, after an argument with JT, Victoria went to Deacon’s room at the Athletic Club and they had sex.

It was soon revealed that the reason Deacon had been working for Sarah Carter was because she was threatening his son, Little Eric. Deacon was arrested for kidnapping and accessory to murder. He told Amber that Little Eric was living with her mother, Tawny. Little Eric showed up in Genoa City after running away from Tawny and Amber vowed to take care of him. She even divorced Daniel to move back to Los Angeles with Little Eric to be safe from Sarah, Daisy, Ryder, and Deacon.

Next Deacon began working with Meggie McClain and spiked Nikki Newman’s soda to cause her to begin drinking again. The plan was for Victor to leave Nikki and marry Meggie. Meggie would then kill Victor for his money. Deacon began to actually care for Nikki and the two began a relationship until Meggie was caught and told Nikki the truth about Deacon. Devastated, Nikki told Deacon she never wanted to see his face again. He left town.

Shortly after, he came back to Genoa City again as the new bartender for GloWorm.

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