Rafe Torres

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Played by: Yani Gellman | Photo Gallery

Actor History: Yani Gellman (2008-2011)

Occupation: Attorney

Resides at: Unknown

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:

Adam Newman


Estella Munoz (aunt)

Heather Stevens
Billy Abbott
Sharon Newman
Neil Winters

Adam Newman
Victor Newman

Character biography:

When 12 year old Ana Hamilton turned up missing, Billy Abbott contacted his lawyer friend, Rafe Torres. Rafe took the case, and it turned out that Ana had not been kidnapped, she was being raised by her “Aunt” Tyra. Ana was sent to a foster home until her custody could be sorted out. Rafe was able to help Tyra win custody and legally adopt Ana.

Rafe’s next client was Adam Newman, son the the great Victor Newman. Adam had been convicted of forging a diary that was used to send Victor to jail. Adam had been sentenced to serve 18 months in prison, but Rafe was able to get Adam put on house arrest at the Newman ranch. Rafe would often visit Adam and spend time with his Aunt Estella, who worked for the Newmans as a maid. When Victor’s wife, Ashley, began to think she was losing her mind, Estella’s dislike for Ashley made her the number one suspect. More and more evidence turned up that made it look as if Estella was gas lighting Ashley. Despite thinking she was innocent, Victor fired her for Ashley’s sake. It was later revealed that Adam had been faking his blindness, that got him out of jail, and was the one who had been setting up Estella by haunting Ashley. One day, as Adam was in the midst of injecting himself to be blind, Rafe entered his room and Adam dropped the box of injections. Rafe saw it and picked it up. He explained that Adam could not get a medical discharge from his sentence. Adam grabbed the box away from Rafe before he opened it.

Meanwhile, Colleen Carlton became very interested in Rafe, but Rafe gently broke the news to her that she wasn’t his type. When she got upset, Rafe revealed that she wasn’t his type because he was gay.

Adam arranged for more evidence to point to Estella, but Rafe soon became hot on his trail. Rafe went to confront Adam, but Adam, knowing he was gay, pretended to be interested in him and they made love. Afterward, Adam called his girlfriend at the time, Heather Stevens, and asked her to come over asap. Adam showered and when Heather arrived, they also made love.

Noah Newman was upset that his father, Nick, had asked Phyllis for a divorce, and that his mother, Sharon, was expecting a baby and didn’t know who the father was. He went to Rafe to ask about divorcing his parents and becoming emancipated. But his step-brother, Daniel Romalotti, helped him change his mind.

After finding out from Nikki, Nick told Victor that Adam was gay. Nikki had walked in on Adam’s encounter with Rafe. Later, Rafe arrived as Heather was leaving. He became upset. Adam told Rafe it was over between them. Rafe accused him of using him and told him he suspected him of being behind the gas-lighting of Ashley. He was never able to prove it though.

Rafe invited his friends to a party at Jimmy’s Bar to celebrate the opening of his new private law practice. He introduced everyone to his new boyfriend, Tyler. Abby Newman would become his first client. She wanted to sue her parents for her inheritance that she received from Brad Carlton.

Rafe still continues to show up from time to time whenever Billy needs him or when someone needs an attorney, other than Michael Baldwin and Heather Stevens.

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