Chloe Mitchell

Played by: Elizabeth Hendrickson | Chloe Mitchell’s photo scrapbook

Actress History: Elizabeth Hendrickson (2008-present)
Danielle Ryah (1994)
Darla & Sandra Greer (1990-1991)

Birth Name: Kate Valentine

Occupation: Fashion Editor for Restless Style

Resides at: Chancellor Mansion

Spouse: Kevin Fisher (March 27th, 2012-present)

Previous Marriages:
1. Cane Ashby (annulled)
2. Billy Abbott (divorced)

Billy Abbott
Cane Ashby
Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV
Ronan Malloy
Kevin Fisher


1. Delia Abbott (daughter with Billy)

Esther Valentine (mother)
Tiny the plumber (father)
Katherine Chancellor (godmother)

Kevin Fisher
Victoria Newman
Jill Fenmore
Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV

Billy Abbott
Ronan Malloy

Character Biography:

The vivacious fashion guru, Chloe Mitchell, came to Genoa City as Lily’s fashion consultant. Lily wanted to launch a career as a fashion model. Chloe had a reputation for doing whatever necessary to make sure her models looked perfect in every shot. She soon set her sights on Cane Ashby, Lily’s boyfriend, and went after him. She even began insisting that he was the father of her unborn child. She had drugged Cane and made him think they had sex. Chloe managed to break Cane and Lily up. It was then revealed that Chloe was actually the daughter of Esther Valentine, Kate. Chloe moved in the Chancellor mansion with Cane.

When Billy Abbott returned home, he was surprised to see Chloe in his house. He and Chloe had shared a relationship in New York City. They promised to keep it a secret from everybody, including Cane. But Billy began having suspicions on who the father of Chloe’s baby really was.

Billy eventually realized that the baby was his, but kept it a secret. When Chloe went into labor, the baby’s real father was revealed and Billy stepped up and accepted the responsibility of being a father. Billy and Chloe married, but Chloe soon realized that Billy still had feelings for his ex, Mackenzie Browning. They divorced. Chloe began dating Chance, Nina and Phillip’s son.

Chloe thought she had found the love of her life, but Chance eventually cheated on her with Heather Stevens. Chloe broke up with Chance, but felt sorrow when as she and Heather watched Chance get gunned down by Ronan Malloy. It was later revealed that Ronan was Chance’s half-brother. Chloe and Ronan had a short affair, but then the truth came out that Ronan and Chance had worked together and faked Chance’s death in order to put him in the witness protection program. Chloe and Ronan went their separate ways.

Chloe next began dating Kevin Fisher. When Delia was diagnosed with leukemia, everybody began searching for Billy as a bone marrow match. Billy had left town a while before thinking it would be best for everybody. Victor Newman tracked Billy down and brought him back to save Delia, but demanded that Billy stay hidden and to let everyone think that Kevin was actually Delia’s donor. Chloe, now madly in love with Kevin for being Delia’s match, wanted to marry him and proposed.


Details of What Happened

2008 Cordelia Abbott is born in a cabin in the woods during a blizzard.
2009 Began dating Phillip Chancellor IV
2011 Began dating Kevin Fisher

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