Olivia Winters

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Played by: Tonya Lee Williams

Actress History: Tonya Lee Williams (1990-2005; 2007, 2008-2009; 2010; 2011; 2012)

Occupation: Lecturer for Doctor’s Without Borders

Resides at: Unknown

Spouse: Single

Previous Marriages:

  1. 1. Nathan Hastings (deceased)
  2. 2. Malcolm Winters (divorced)

Neil Winters
Nathan Hastings (deceased)
Brad Carlton (deceased)
Wesley Carter
Malcolm Winters

1. Nate Hastings (son with Nathan)

Walter Barber (father)
Lillie Belle Barber (mother)
Drucilla Winters (sister; deceased)
Lily Winters (niece)
Devon Hamilton (nephew by adoption)
Mamie Johnson (aunt)
Justin Barber (cousin)

Ashley Abbott
Neil Winters
Malcolm Winters
Devon Hamilton
Lily Winters
Cane Ashby
Sofia Dupre


Young and Restless character history:

Olivia Winters is formerly a nurse at Genoa City memorial hospital and is the mother of Nate Hastings. She was married to Nathan Hastings and Malcolm Winters. Olivia is a kind, honest woman who usually knows how to do the right thing. Though she used to fight with her younger sister, Drucilla, as children, Dru and Olivia finally found their way to peace with each other and became the best of friends.

When Drucilla fell off of a cliff and was not found, Olivia stayed by Dru’s family to support them. She later moved to Africa to be a lecturer for Doctors Without Borders. She still visits Genoa City from time to time whenever the Winters’ family need her support.

She also showed up in Los Angeles in 2011 (on The Bold & The Beautiful) to meet her cousin, Justin Barber, for the first time.


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