Esther Valentine

Esther Valentine 2905752
Esther Valentine’s Photo Scrapbook | Played by Kate Linder

Actress History: Kate Linder (1985-present)

Occupation: Housekeeper to Katherine Chancellor

Resides at: Chancellor Estate, 12 Foothill Road

Spouse: Single

Past Marriages:
1. Norman Peterson (invalid)
2. Roger Wilkes (invalid)

Tommy Cassidy
Miguel Rodriguez
Tiny the plumber
Norman Peterson
Roger Wilkes

1. Chloe Mitchell {aka Kate Valentine} (daughter with Tiny)

1. Delia Abbott (granddaughter)

Katherine Chancellor
Jill Fenmore
Patrick Murphy
Phillip Chancellor III
Phillip “Chance” Chancellor IV


Young and Restless character biography:

Esther Valentine has been the maid to Katherine Chancellor since 1985. She only departed briefly, to work for Nina Webster. It was during this time that she had a one-night-stand with Tiny the plumber. Esther learned she was pregnant, but was soon kidnapped with Katherine by a pair of con artists. Esther named her daughter, Kate, after Katherine Chancellor.

At one point, Katherine had hired a fake minister to wed Esther and a man named Norman Peterson. Norman shot and killed Katherine’s husband, Rex, while trying to break into the Chancellor safe. Though she was devastated, Katherine didn’t hold responsible, and even paid for Kate to go to boarding school.

Esther’s daughter returned to town, but under the name of Chloe Mitchell. Chloe had set her sights on Cane Ashby and accused him of being the father of her baby. Chloe was angry at Esther for dumping her off at boarding school for all of those years and was embarrassed that her mother was a maid. But with the birth of Delia, Chloe and Esther’s relationship healed. Chloe later revealed that the real father of the baby was Billy Abbott. Chloe then set her mother up with a man named Roger Wilkes. It backfired on her though, when Roger was revealed as another con man.

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